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  1. Paul Johnson effect on Quick Lane Bowl Ratings

    Looks like low 20s in attendance except the one year they invited the local team. Seems like you’d always want a close by team in. Dumb to invite a team from halfway across the continent
  2. McCollum

    Truth is that Geoff probably WANTS that to happen.
  3. Collins start recruiting Justin Fields.....

    Those are the old rules. Transfer restriction rules have been heavily curtailed by the NCAA. The SEC may have some intraconference rules, but that wouldn’t apply to us.
  4. McCollum

    Weird seeing so much chicken littleing going on in this thread. We’ll be fine without any of the current staff.
  5. OC Hire

    It’s probably gonna be the current Temple OC. I imagine Collins brings most of his Temple staff.
  6. OC Hire

    A wet towel would be a better coach than Sewak
  7. Are you pleased with the hire (poll)

    I’m very happy with the hire. Happy that the triple option is in the rear view mirror too.
  8. Potential Head Coach Hires

    You’re thinking of the NFL. A rule like that does exist there. College football is much more wild Wild West.
  9. There is still a chance

    Hope springs eternal, I guess. But no. We probably win only one more.
  10. Roof

    Your post is complete garbage. Roof is the 3rd or 4th highest paid DC in the conference.
  11. Roof

    Roof is the third DC....
  12. CPJ needs to be fired

  13. CPJ needs to be fired

    Auburn 36% pass plays GT 18% same offense though.... and most of that 18% is desperate lobs down field when we're losing in the 4th
  14. CPJ needs to be fired

    Auburn doesn't rely on cut blocks and constantly have their OL rolling around on the ground like a beached whale. Auburn passes much more effectively. Auburn's offense doesn't immediately turnoff recruits.
  15. CPJ needs to be fired

    No they don't. The RPO is very different. They don't look like a retard humping a football when they pass.
  16. CPJ needs to be fired

    Hard pass on anyone who runs the triple option.
  17. CPJ needs to be fired

    Literally every excuse you made, Paul Johnson is responsible for. "Tech does not have an ACC caliber QB on it’s roster." That's on Johnson. "Also Tech played all year with 1 BB. Paul refused to give Jerry a chance for whatever reason that was." That's on Johnson. "The OLine was supposed to be...
  18. CPJ needs to be fired

    He's the closer. And he's ultimately responsible for recruiting. No one wants to play for him or in his offense.
  19. CPJ needs to be fired

    Coaches must have no impact on recruiting rankings.... Johnson couldn't recruit his way out of a paper bag
  20. CPJ needs to be fired

    Are you being serious? Duke is still Duke. They lost to Army before embarrassing us.