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  1. texasjacket

    Is uga scared?

    Yes, of all the scooters now around town.
  2. texasjacket

    Bud Light coolers

    Have been unlocked as the Browns win!
  3. texasjacket

    About those electric scooters ...

    ummm...linky no worky
  4. texasjacket

    CPJ needs to be fired

    Let's be real, a big name isn't coming here. It will be some one washed out, or looking to step up. Not sure if either of those will bring more consistent results.
  5. texasjacket

    Here's the latest College Football Coaches Hotseat

    I heard they are going after Gruden now
  6. texasjacket

    North Carolina Game Predictions

    Good Guys 42, Cheaters 21
  7. texasjacket

    AP All Time Top 25

    How do you break your own story?
  8. texasjacket

    Georgia Southern Placed on Two Year Probation

    Isn't it punishment enough for them to be in Statesboro? I guess that will teach them to beat an SEC team.
  9. texasjacket

    Da U

    So are they back yet?
  10. texasjacket

    GT @ ND uniform speculation thread

    Why no honeycomb?
  11. texasjacket

    Shaquille Mason

    Why did he have to go to NE? Well, I guess it is better than him going Dallas.
  12. texasjacket

    Tulane Predictions

    GT 42, other guys - 7
  13. texasjacket

    Texas vs ND.

    Texas is hella bad
  14. texasjacket

    Notre Dame will not be a cake walk . . .

    This ND team is not ant better than FSU, Clemson or Ugay teams from last year. We were competitive in all of those.
  15. texasjacket


    They still have that offer with ticket stubs? Asking for a friend of course.
  16. texasjacket

    The Best Return Man in the ACC

    Come on Jamal
  17. texasjacket

    Outside expectations change for Tech

    Sweet. I will take another round of gold color kool aid
  18. texasjacket

    GA Tech National Champs

    This seems like a website dream of and build by a Ugay grad.
  19. texasjacket

    SEC slips in bowls but shouldn't slide far - Jan 5 SEC Blog (ESPN)

    What will help is no SEC team in the final game again next year and the ACC sweeping the SECe on the Saturday after thanksgiving again.