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  1. MGTfan

    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Where did you get that?
  2. MGTfan

    Devin Cochran choosing to not enroll

    Henderson, Jump, Dolphins, Johns
  3. MGTfan

    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    One item that come out earlier this year is the adidas hat with buzz on it. Ordered one a few months ago from B&N and I love it.
  4. MGTfan

    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Nike didn’t want us though...
  5. MGTfan

    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    I just want the gold jerseys to be available for purchase.
  6. MGTfan

    Five Ala players have tested positive

    wasn’t a practice. It was players doing it on their own. However, they should have made it clear the that the players should remain isolated from each other until the test results were returned.
  7. MGTfan

    Got chills watching this

    I can’t imagine watching that video and the above being what I take away from it.
  8. MGTfan

    Update to practice facility

    Looks nice.
  9. MGTfan

    Black Uni Speculation

    Where has Collins said anything related to black uniforms?
  10. MGTfan

    Pastner wanting ugag transfer

    Eric Reveno certainly knows more about big men than I do. Coaching staff clearly wanted him, so I’m glad we got him. Offensive game needs a ton of work, but we’ve seen what this staff turned Moses into. Hopefully they can do it again.
  11. MGTfan

    ACC suspends all athletics activities

    Sports Leagues across the country are giving up millions in revenue to help promote “political BS” hahaha
  12. MGTfan

    Spring Practice Thread

    I feel like Knight is going to be an absolute mister for the next three years. Showed signs of it last year.
  13. MGTfan

    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    Love the Buzz hat. I wish we would feature Buzz more on apparel/uniforms.
  14. MGTfan

    "From the Flats", just listened and CGC said

    Has any player publicly said that CGC pulled their scholarship?
  15. MGTfan

    Future schedule news

    I completely understand this angle for those who are against it. I work a couple miles from campus so doesn’t really affect me. However, I probably would not like weekday games either if I didn’t live in Atlanta. I don’t however understand the criticism that this is bad for the program. I am...
  16. MGTfan

    Future schedule news

    I mean, currently? Yeah. I know it’s hard not to be biased, but some of y’all act like we didn’t just go 3-9 and lose to the Citadel last season I want the program turned around and I think Collins is going to do it, but we aren’t there right now.
  17. MGTfan

    Future schedule news

    Well I have bad news for you—we are currently nowhere near those programs in terms of relevance. They don’t have to play on Friday night to get on ESPN. Sometimes we do. You may not like that, but it’s reality.
  18. MGTfan

    Future schedule news

    Also, I understand people who don’t live in Atlanta not liking this, but for me personally—I love it. I’d rather have a guaranteed night game than a noon scorcher in September.
  19. MGTfan

    Future schedule news

    Did you read article? They took that into consideration.
  20. MGTfan

    2020 Adidas Swag Thread

    I’m really not sure what being a sidewalk fan has to do with purchasing gold apparel. B&N cashier didn’t ask me what year I graduated before I bought the items.