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    TStan wants your feedback: Branded Items at Retail

    GT Colors Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    TStan wants your feedback: Branded Items at Retail

    I TOTALLY AGREE-perfectly stated!! So tired of all the freaking YELLOW. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ESPN pushing their agenda once again. I guess the SEC media days last week weren't enough HYPE for them, so they decided to bring the SEC Coaches in to ESPN's Bristol offices for some more publicity this week, while both the ACC and Big 12 Media days were happening at the same exact time...
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    We RUN this State

    Of North Carolina! Ha!
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    Marco Coleman

    Sorry for the typos. Oops
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    Marco Coleman

    This past Saturday was such a great day for me. Got to have an all day tailgate and also got to see the Jackets get the huge win vs. the Canes!! That said, the BEST part of my day was getting to meet former GT All American Marco Coleman.! It was a random encounter. I was looking at some GT...
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    Best game you have seen at Grant field?

    1998 GT UVA game. 08 GT Noles is close second.
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    8/9 Georgia Tech Scrimmage

    Yep. He didn't play.
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    8/9 Georgia Tech Scrimmage

    Did green or gamble play?
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    Season tickets

    Good point. I just hate having to wait to call ticket off Monday though. Gonna be a long weekend. Maybe they will arrive tomorrow.
  11. Kcsunshine

    Season tickets

    One of my other gt buddies said he got 2 different shipments and tix were in a separate shipment. Weird stuff
  12. Kcsunshine

    Season tickets

    I got a package from gt via the post office that included the clear bag and a pamphlet and a few other misc other items but NO TIX. Does anybody know if gt is sending 2 different shipments and the tix come separately?? Please say yes.
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    Projected 2014 two deep for 2014

    Eric- I know you think a lot of Justin Thomas. I'm curious why you don't see Justin starting next season ahead of Vad? Thanks for everything you do.
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    Syracuse @ Georgia Tech game thread

    Rocks and freaking boulders placed in our usual tailgating spot? Really? Another example of the Hill hating on GT FANS. I am truly speechless .
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    Notes from Wednesday

    I say we put Jordan out there for a couple of series against the Canes...... He's like a lethal combination of Vad and JT. Oh wait.......never mind. :)
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    Notes from Wednesday

    I think all we can do is speculate. I think pj would have run the diamond or pistol against the hokies if he thought it would have worked. Let's be patient and see how the season plays out.
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    Justin Thomas to start this weekend?

    So do we know specifically who started this rumor? A lot of bush league journalism out there nowadays.
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    Notes from Wednesday

    I am ready for JT to get some reps against the Canes. Vad should get the bulk of the reps but I am very intrigued by JT's arm strength and pure speed. I know JT has struggled at times, but you never know how they will respond on the big stage. I want to find out. My experience over the years...
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    Thank Goodness for the SWARM

    Yes I totally agree- the comments to Ken's GT news on AJC is always filled with UGAG trolls. Put down the crack pipe.
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    Slow Motion Option Videos

    Watch the 3rd and 1 play at 2:55 mark. I have no idea what Bailey is doing. He brushes the def end and runs upfield with noBody else to block. They aren't sustaining blocks long enough. Way too much penetration on pretty much every play. This doesn't look like an experienced Oline to me . They...