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  1. DCSS

    Has Georgia Tech Football entered the Bill Lewis Era part II?

    I miss Mike Sewak and Al Groh. Those coaches were awesome.
  2. DCSS

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    RIP Larry Junstrom
  3. DCSS

    Does anyone know what the uniform will be next game?

    Not sure about next game, but hoping for something like this for homecoming.
  4. DCSS

    Reasons to be optimistic!

    I keep having flashbacks to 1987. That’s not a bad thing.
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    Now once, I was down-hearted Disappointment, was my closest friend But then you, came and it soon departed And you know he never Showed his face again
  6. DCSS

    Has fan apathy already set in?

    Someone’s post, is about to be, recycled.
  7. DCSS

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Great song but suffers from being overplayed.
  8. DCSS

    Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Tuesday’s Gone Call Me The Breeze Gimme Back My Bullets
  9. DCSS

    Navy vs Memphis

    How did the game end? I fell asleep.
  10. DCSS

    juice crew

    The comparison was not between Elvis and Jeezy, the comparison was the older generation’s reaction to both.
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    How does David Pollack keep a job in broadcasting?
  12. DCSS

    juice crew

    John Philip Sousa
  13. DCSS

    Here's the latest College Football Coaches Hotseat

    Chip Kelly had a huge come from behind victory. I wonder if his seat will cool.
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    juice crew

    Elvis gyrated on stage, which was apparently quite shocking at the time. In fact, he was only shown from the waist up on the Ed Sullivan Show.
  15. DCSS

    What do you consider to be a successful season?

    At this point, beating Georgia or winning the Coastal is about all that can salvage this season.
  16. DCSS

    Should our offense coordinator be coaching on the sidelines instead of in the booth?

    I would trust him to coach from wherever he feels most comfortable coaching. Otherwise, the outcome could be worse.
  17. DCSS

    Explain to me why the ACC always struggle out of conference especially early on every year?

    It’s due to parity and the meat grinder of a schedule that most ACC teams play. It’s difficult to win out of conference after getting beat up in conference games. Most other conferences don’t compete at as high a level as the ACC where it means even more.
  18. DCSS

    juice crew

    Some of you sound like your parents’ or grandparents’ generation complaining about the evils of rock and roll.