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    Season Ticket Holder Survey

    Some of you may remember that for the first time in my life (47 years), I'm a GT Football season ticket holder thanks to my wife. She gave me two for Christmas. I'm fully prepared to accept responsibility for creating this entire situation. I wanted to put it out to the rest of you guys to see...
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Awesome! Another thread where we can debate the pros and cons of wearing a mask. I can't get enough of these. Thanks guys. Hope the athletes that have tested positive are doing well and recovering.
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    Arrests coming due to college bball kickbacks

    Well of course not. He had(has) no idea any of this was(is) going on. Why should they punish him? #plausibledeniability
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    Coronavirus Thread

    I'm sorry that you actually feel this way. Now I will gracefully exit this conversation.
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    COUNTDOWN to LIVE Sports in the US of A!

    I'm guessing not too many people noticed. I wouldn't have if I hadn't seen a tweet about it.
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    COUNTDOWN to LIVE Sports in the US of A!

    Countdown?!?! So we're just going to pretend like ESPN didn't just air social distancing Corn Hole on Saturday? Come on!
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    Arrests coming due to college bball kickbacks

    But does it really matter? Isn't there some culpability with the program you run being "dirty?" Doesn't the NCAA consider it your job to know what's going on and at least hold you somewhat responsible for these kinds of things? I mean if it wasn't K.
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    Large amount of decommitts

    But aren't about 6 of those attributed to the same recruit currently committed to Tenn?
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    Protective Masks

    My employer (also in cubeland) announced this morning that we will not completely reopen all of our buildings around the world until September 1 at the earliest. There will be completely voluntary "soft-openings" prior to that and we will be given 4 weeks advance notice of any of these soft...
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    Black Uni Speculation

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    Black Uni Speculation

    Never said we shouldn't be listened to. Just trying to figure out where the line is. A picture gets posted of us allegedly bringing back some black jerseys. We go into meltdown mode. Where's the line? We have 12 games on the schedule. Should we always be required to wear gold and/or white? Is...
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    Black Uni Speculation

    Agreed. They should only wear what we tell them we like and they should wear it for every single game. They get 0 games to choose something that they like because we're the fans, not them.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    Nowhere in that video does it say that Joe may have the virus. It simply says repeatedly that they are keeping a close eye on him due to his weakened immune system. Trying to be sure that he doesn't get it.
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    Evan Cole to Transfer

    Not sure it ever got back on topic. I mean we know that Evan had to face @ChasonBaller prior to coming to Tech.
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    Evan Cole to Transfer

    Evan Cole won the ACC Rookie of the Year in 2020?
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    Dave Patenaude's Offense

    The irony of this post right next to your profile pic is not lost on me. ;)
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    Pitt Men's Basketball and Football Hit With Sanctions

    Wow. I didn't expect Capel to move this quick. I mean I expected them to land on probation during his tenure. Just not in his first year before he could really get things going good. Of course I'm kidding. We all know the NCAA will completely ignore the kind of cheating Capel has been accused...
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    GT has a Tik Tok now

    FWIW, living in the Charleston, SC area I know lots of guys that work at Naval Information Warfare Center (formerly SPAWAR). Tik Tok is the only social media app that NIWC has sent out a company wide memo regarding. The memo stated that their employees should not be using the app due to known...
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    Fitness advice

    Any F3 men on the board anywhere?