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  1. thwgjacket

    " We are gonnna run the ball." Paul Johnson

    **** em, run it. Shove it down Cutcliffe's throat.
  2. thwgjacket

    Refs Horrible

    I didn't really have a problem with the no calls on the pass interference. Let the guys play. The holding call was an absolute joke. The red that threw it didn't have an angle, he just saw a guy fall. I also had a problem with the no call on Marshall that should have defensive holding in the...
  3. thwgjacket

    Notre Dame Postgame

    The AB's and receivers played like they are young, which they are. Snoddy looked good though. The OL has no excuse, they got whipped all day. The defense actually played well except for the last TD where I think they were just tired from being out there so long. I don't think CPJ had a good...
  4. thwgjacket

    Bosh on Mike & Mike

    Picked us to beat ND and have 358 rushing yards. Knows we run the option, thought that was surprising. Skinny Mike said he loves to watch us play.
  5. thwgjacket

    Our History in Pivotal Games

    Are you suggesting that JeT should be in a conversation with our defensive coaches about what defense we are running? Most college QB's speak directly with the offensive coordinator through a headset or phone on the sideline. As for the not following much football comment...well I'm done...
  6. thwgjacket

    Our History in Pivotal Games

    Why would he need to wear a headset when he's standing next to the guy who calls the plays? That would be like standing next to Einstein and having a headset on just so you can hear what his lab assistants are saying.
  7. thwgjacket

    The ND "putdown" has already started.

    Not really for us. Big difference in JeT scrambling and Matt Johns. But since I "can't" make that comparison I'll just say UVA RB's averaged over 5 yards per carry.
  8. thwgjacket

    The ND "putdown" has already started.

    I don't get the ND defense hype I've been reading. Yea, #9 is really good, but they shutdown Texas, a team that ranked 106 in points per game last year and 111 in yards per the Big 12. Virginia looked good against them offensively. They may come out and shut us down but it is...
  9. thwgjacket

    The ND "putdown" has already started.

    The ND Facts: 1. In their first two games they have not seen speed like they will against us. 2. In their first two games they have not seen a 235 lbs. RB who actively enjoys hitting people. 3. In their first two games they have not played a ranked "big boy" team. 4. In their first two games...
  10. thwgjacket

    GT (+3) vs. ND

    We are now the favorite according to those line movements. (If I'm reading them right)
  11. thwgjacket

    Tulane Postgame

    On the MJ TD run Tulane only had 9 players on the field on defense. You can count them in the highlight video if you pause it. Idk if that's a penalty that's calls for a resetting of the clock even if declined. I thought their safeties would catch him then I realized they weren't on the field.
  12. thwgjacket

    AP Poll - Week of 9/13/15

    I could see ND falling a couple of spots with the loss of Zaire. Auburn should fall about 4-5 spots after needing OT vs JSU, and with Louisville losing at home to Houston. They won't though. I could easily see A&M jump us. Kind of hope MSU can complete this comeback against LSU just to see if...
  13. thwgjacket


    Remember Auburn beat a mid-tier ACC team last week. Watch for ESPN to spin this in a way that makes the ACC look bad. BTW Louisville is in a dog fight with Houston right now.
  14. thwgjacket

    Gameday !!

    Probably going to miss the start of the game where I'm at. Louisville and Houston are on the channel our game comes on now. These A-holes are throwing it so much they're still in the first half. Nobody cares about you Houston, stop taking up so much time with your gimmick offense.
  15. thwgjacket

    GT/Tulane Hype Video

    Cool video, how do yall get replays of the radio calls?
  16. thwgjacket

    Need Notre Dame tickets

    I need two together also. Open to PayPal and having you mail them to me as I won't be at the Tulane game.
  17. thwgjacket

    Opponents' Injury Report

    Broken collar bone is usually 6-8 weeks for recovery, that could be longer in football because I'm sure you don't want to immediately head back on the field and have it hit again. If he's having surgery it probably means the break is closer to the shoulder end of the bone. Is anyone else kind of...
  18. thwgjacket

    Tell me this isn't true - Byerly injury

    From the personal experience I've had with ACL tears guys weren't on crutches with a sleeve on their knee right after. It was more like get him in the golf cart/gator and have one of the coaches drive him home. But things may have changed with how they treat it. If it is an ACL then I hate it...
  19. thwgjacket

    Tulane +27.5 @ Georgia Tech

    That's a large spread. Miami is on a 16 point favorite against FAU.
  20. thwgjacket

    Film Study Film Study - Offense vs Alcorn St

    Anyone else notice how still Marshall's head is when he runs? The way his head stays still reminds me of Eric Dickerson. I don't mean he's the next Eric Dickerson, the way his head stays still just reminds me of him.