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  1. Season in review.

    We’ve reached peak Collins apologia if we are disregarding SOS-adjusted offensive performance from Temple so that we can pretend Pnut is a great OC
  2. CPJ interview - Nov 11

    Re: Johnson's tweet. Loved the different permutations of trap and trap option. I'm pretty sure I saw veer as well. One thing I'm wondering: This play, at 3:02. They leave the "end" #92 unblocked; the guard blocks down and the tackle steps out to take #50, the "OLB." Jackson reads #92, pulls...
  3. CGC Post Game Interview

    You can’t really give a “good” press conference after getting drubbed. I can’t really fault him on anything here.
  4. Virginia Tech Postgame

    man, that was one of the ugliest ones
  5. Virginia Tech Postgame

    This is just wrong. There are plenty of run-forward offenses that are not CPJ’s. There are plenty of option schemes that are not CPJ’s. What Pnut currently does is open to a more effective mix than what we do. The problem is less with offensive “style” and more with teaching players how to...
  6. Virginia Tech Postgame

    You’re fooling yourself, lv. And I think you know that, because you’re a sharp poster. It’s not impossible for a competent OC to do better than this with the same crew.
  7. Virginia Tech Postgame

    We can make some informed speculation about how well he can do with “his guys” based on how he does with someone else’s guys. If you don’t believe that, you haven’t watched enough football.
  8. Virginia Tech Postgame

    I hope you’re right.
  9. Virginia Tech Postgame

    Ballin: how many times do you think Collins will beat Georgia? Again, I’m not being sarcastic. What’s his 3 year win average (excluding this one)? does he ever make a top 10 ranking? does he ever beat a top 10 team?
  10. Virginia Tech Postgame

    What’s the best-tier bowl game we will get to under CGC or CDP? Serious question.
  11. Virginia Tech Postgame

    The OL situation is rough and so our expectations should be tempered. But how much more tempering should we be doing? What’s your best case expectations for Pnut’s offense when he gets “his guys” in there? Top 5 OFEI? Top 10? Top 25? My eye test tells me the ceiling is not super high. Maybe...
  12. It’s Yates Time...period

    Maybe. But the Vad/Tevin year reminds me that the coaches generally have a better handle on QB capabilities than we do.
  13. Virginia Tech Postgame

    well, yes. But every team drops passes. When you’re gaining two yards a play that’s a lot bigger problem than when you’re gaining five. The complaint isn’t that Pnut causes a drop. The complaint is that we are getting two yards a play, and so dropped passes are bigger killers than they normally...
  14. Virginia Tech Postgame

    Saying people are blaming Pnut for dropped passes - in a way that implies that THAT explains 0 points, rather than the inability to prepare players to execute - is as silly as CuseJacket’s claim that the officials are to blame for the loss. But Cuse was joking.
  15. Virginia Tech Postgame

    No one is saying those are Pnut’s fault. They’re saying it’s his fault that we are incapable of scoring, generally. *Every* team has unforced player errors. Not every team struggles like this to get across the line of scrimmage.
  16. Geoff Collins - Head Coaching Numbers

    Just my general impressions thus far: I don't think CCG is the answer and I'm not a fan of his personal sales style, which largely comes across as try-hard to me. Still, his energy and positivity are sincere and refreshing. He has to make some silly spins ("biggest transition ever!"...
  17. Great breakdown of Geoff Collins defensive schemes

    This is pretty much it.
  18. How Good Was Coach Johnson at Tech?

    Off topic: who was the best DC in CPJ’s tenure?
  19. How Good Was Coach Johnson at Tech?

    Great post, Bleed. Totally agree about branding.
  20. Roster Transition

    Very much agree with Boomer and ATL that Graham should get a shot at QB. I think the notion that CPJ recruited QBs that literally could not play QB at any other school was overblown. JT could have been a good QB in a shotgun spread school - perhaps not widely recognized as a real possibility...