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  1. techman78

    GAMEDAY !!!!!!!!!

    Time to get back on track!! Let's win out starting with tonight! Gooooo jackets
  2. techman78

    How did you become a TECH fan?

    My dad's dad and his uncle were Tech fans. They were the only ones in our entire family so when I was born in 78' I was automatically a Tech fan I guess you could say. My earliest real Tech memories were probably from around '84 and the black watch defense days. I was at every Friday night...
  3. techman78

    Football Q&A thread

    Wow, that post was from a LOOOONG way back lol
  4. techman78

    2 Thursday night home games in 2015???

    Gotta love Swofford and his tobacco road buddies...... Smh
  5. techman78

    Tech-UGA reaction video

    I was there setting at the 40 yard line lower level........... Amongst thousands of mutt fans..... I had no one to high five, no one to hug..... Nothing......... The best feeling ever!!!!!! The look on their faces....... I've been to 6 or 7 Tech v Georgia games this was the first we won actually...
  6. techman78

    You know what I like about this NC title game?

    Pretty entertaining game so far, both fun teams to watch..... Still enjoy watching our jackets more!!
  7. techman78

    Roll Call for Orange Bowl

    Not really sure about the tailgating. Trude by the stadium earlier and looked like a large parking area but I'm not really in the loop as far as the tailgate parties are at, hope to find out soon though!!
  8. techman78

    Roll Call for Orange Bowl

    My wife and I got down here around 4 yesterday. Gonna go check out South Beach today. I think our tickets are in section 149. Ready for game time! Go jackets
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    Great point made to me tonight

    So I was talking to a guy at the Yard House bar tonight (not a Tech guy, just a local originally from Minnesota) and he made the comment after talking some football that most people that graduate from UGA or other "factory" schools your still just Joe, Dan, Stan etc. But whenever you graduate...
  10. techman78

    Tailgate party

    Sweet! Thanks. So do you know if they will sell alcohol inside the stadium?
  11. techman78

    Tailgate party

    Anyone know where the official tailgate party will be before the game tomorrow? Is there any party's or anything going on tonight?
  12. techman78

    And with my 1000th post...

    Merry Christmas!!
  13. techman78

    "Getting back to what we do...."

    I would love to see some split screen video with Vad and Justin running some of the same plays just to see the difference in speed, footwork etc. The O has just looked amazing this season. It's been a real treat to watch.
  14. techman78

    Play of the Year

    I have to say the fumble recovery against GSU to set up the winning score. Without that play I think we lose to VT and Miami and the season crumbles. The DJ White run down against Pitt was huge as well. So so many big plays but I still have to think the one against GSU is the biggest. That would...
  15. techman78


    One of my favorite Smelter highlights was one of the few highlights from the Music City Bowl last season on the block where he knocked the all-american DB for Ole Piss out of the game. He hit that guy so hard it gave me a headache!
  16. techman78

    "Getting back to what we do...."

    After seeing the way Vad ran the O last year I was happy. We aren't Auburn or Miss State or Ohio State and that was what Vad was trying to make us. We are much better doing what we did this season and the stats and record reflects that. BTW: I was and still am a fan of Vad Lee, glad he had a...
  17. techman78

    Shaq Mason named 1st Team All American by USA Today

    Shaq is the man!! Congrats to him and his future.
  18. techman78

    So who's going to Charlotte?

    Jameis Winston may have a suggestion for you ;)
  19. techman78

    So who's going to Charlotte?

    Tried getting in a few minutes ago and it was packed. Had to go to wild wings.
  20. techman78

    So who's going to Charlotte?

    Think I just passed that guy lol