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  1. GTRoy

    2021 Uniform Debate

    Actually not true! The line reads "Go teach the Bulldogs to behave. Send the Yellow Jackets to a watery grave." So both uga and Tech are mentioned. Your point is still totally valid, though.
  2. GTRoy

    Here's a COVID thread for you

    Super fair, and I agree. My example was with family and friends that are likely to talk about it anyway. For more general acquaintances, I wouldn't want to ask because it really isn't my business. At that point, it would just depend on the situation (public vs. private).
  3. GTRoy

    Here's a COVID thread for you

    Agree that it's very unlikely. I'm seeing more and more data to that as well. The new CDC direction seems a bit alarmist, but I'll take it over "Everything is fine," when it clearly isn't. But, I'm also 100% with you that they have ventured into overly cautious a few times recently which is...
  4. GTRoy

    Here's a COVID thread for you

    Haha, I wasn't planning on it. But, it will let me know if I need to continue to wear a mask around them or at least offer them that courtesy if they want.
  5. GTRoy

    Here's a COVID thread for you

    I would agree. I know the "post-vaccine mask recommendation" is based on the fact that we're not sure if (and how likely it is for) vaccinated people can spread it. The others, I think, are a bit too much. People need to see some hope and some personal benefits to get the shot. We have been...
  6. GTRoy

    Here's a COVID thread for you

    That is pretty humorous, but it's a really really poor analogy.
  7. GTRoy

    How many Tech games have you attended

    My best estimate is around 105-110 games. I went to almost every home game from 2004-2019 plus around 15-20 various road games, bowl games, or ACC Championship Games.
  8. GTRoy

    Georgia Tech (PK) vs Duke

    35-20 GT
  9. GTRoy

    How Many Points Will We Give Up In The Black Watch Uniforms

    We will hold them to under 20. After the game, the players will say that in the off-week, we "greatly simplified the defense. It really helped us play a lot faster and stop overthinking it!" We do this once per year, and this is the perfect time for us to also blame it on uniforms, which is...
  10. GTRoy

    Week 3 Georgia Tech vs Syracuse Kickoff Set for 12pm ET

    I've always kind of preferred road games to be a bit earlier. I'm disappointed I can't go - God knows how long it'll be before we play Syracuse away again - but I think this is good overall.
  11. GTRoy

    Swarm Book Club

    I am reading The Autobiography of Malcolm X right now. It's a very good read so far. I've never been much for Sci-Fi, but I did love what I read of the Foundation series. For those of you interested in history, I read the three part biography on Teddy Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. Probably the...
  12. GTRoy

    TStan Give Some Clarification

    To be fair, I think averages are difficult. Our schedule is significantly more difficult than it was in the mid-2000s, and the landscape of college football has become significantly more difficult to compete in. Had we hired PJ in 2002 vs. 2007, I think we probably go 50/50 with UGA in the...
  13. GTRoy

    TStan Give Some Clarification

    The email made me feel better about our direction under T-Stan. I think the fact that GTAA saw this chatter and responded is a good thing. My only worry is about Satterfield. I just feel that he would have been a homerun hire for us. It would be a shame if we didn't even speak to him.
  14. GTRoy

    Paul Johnson to retire

    So many great memories: The Kick and the Pick, The Miracles on Techwood and North Avenue, The End of the Drought, The Lightning Game in Tallahassee. I'm a big fan of traditional option offenses, so I selfishly hope we hire Jeff Monken. Would also love Scott Satterfield at App State.
  15. GTRoy

    Old Tech memorabilia

    I used to go to Collinsville Trade Day all the time. My family had a small cabin on Weiss Lake and we'd drive up on Saturday mornings. Never found any GT memorabilia, so you got lucky!
  16. GTRoy

    -26 against bowling green....?

    Sorry I haven't responded until now. It's a great point and definitely the key to us pulling out a winning season. I certainly think we can. I'm hoping that a win @Louisville will the the road monkey off our collective back.
  17. GTRoy

    -26 against bowling green....?

    BG is not good. The line is about right. I know you guys are all about to jump off a cliff, but VT just lost to Old Dominion and Louisville just got completely destroyed by Virginia. There are opportunities for wins on our schedule.
  18. GTRoy

    Writer believes there's a chance Paul Johnson steps away after season?

    Honestly, as long as nothing drastic happens in the next few years, I'd probably prefer Monken as our next HC.
  19. GTRoy

    all signed players from 2008-2015:

    Presenting a data-driven argument to a bunch of Tech fans without presenting the actual breakdown of the data (i.e. a table showing the player with their associated ranking) is not going to end well...