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  1. Returning players for 2021-22

    Why would he do this? Makes no sense at all.
  2. Former Tech staff member Butch Brooks has died

    He had a stint down here in Valdosta. Well respected and well liked. RIP Coach.
  3. Returning players for 2021-22

    Love this news! He’s going to be a top star in the ACC next year. Such a smart decision. Think the guys have some unfinished business...something like a national championship run 🤔
  4. Returning players for 2021-22

    The money is not going anywhere. In fact another would most likely accelerate their chances for better contracts whether here or overseas. The opportunity for a national championship they will never have another chance to accomplish if they leave.
  5. Returning players for 2021-22

    I think these guys still have something to proof after losing the first game in the tournament without Moses. Maybe Moses gets favorable news to declare but all would greatly benefit in many ways with a national championship run next year.
  6. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Just hoping Abilene doesn’t give it away in the last minute.
  7. Returning players for 2021-22

    If all 4 returned we would definitely be a legit national championship contender.
  8. Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    Kyle is going to be a star for us. He’s still young but expect big things from him next year.
  9. Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    Also fitting we are playing where Hoosiers was filmed bc we have been the underdog all year!
  10. Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    We can beat Loyola. Just need to remain focused and take care of business. Krutwig is their key guy, but one guy won’t beat a team like ours. We have a good team and good coaching staff that has done well with game planning. We can’t worry about our seeding. We haven’t been here in over 10...
  11. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Although not the best seeding, we have to play one game at a time and take care of business starting with Loyola. It will be a tough road but we can do it.
  12. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Total disrespect for GT by the committee
  13. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Clemson is a 7 🤷🏻‍♂️
  14. Moses Wright POY & 1st team All-ACC, Jose Alvarado DPOY & 2nd team All-ACC

    Listen to Pastner tell the story about cleaning Mose’s locker out and placing his stuff in the hallway during his Freshman year. It is too funny the way he tells it.
  15. Double Bye baby.

    Yes, the basketball Gods are finally shining down on us.
  16. GT vs Wake, Friday 3/5, 8 PM, ACCN

    Love this video!
  17. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    If we seed 11, I like our chances at knocking out the 6’s on the above bracket.
  18. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    If we get the 4 seed then we would not play til the quarterfinal round. The 5 seed we would play in 2nd round the winner of 12/13.
  19. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    The computer numbers that the committee looks at helps give them statistical analysis to support decisions but the eye test at the end of the season has to show we are one of the hottest teams in the country right now. In the past that used to count for a lot with teams that started slow.
  20. Duke @ GT Tues Mar 2nd @ 8PM ACCN

    Keep pushing through it. You will see the light soon! Go jackets!