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  1. UNC game watching?

    I need some help with tomorrow’s game. I see it’s on ACC network plus. Usually here in Michigan, those games are on fox sports Detroit. This one isn’t.... Any suggestions on how I can watch it? It’s not on Hulu or You Tube Tv from what I can see and I don’t think the ACC website streaks...
  2. UFC 251

    Anyone watching it tonight?
  3. Detroit pre game and post game

    I just spoke with someone affiliated wit the Detroit Alumni association and I will be calling them tomorrow to try and set up a plan for pre and post game meet up! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. I will try to help as much as possible. I’ll pass along more info as I get it...
  4. Aruba

    Heading back in September. Looking to stay at the Marriott Stellaris or Barcelo. Looking to see if anyone had been to either? Thanks
  5. Need help with JSU game watching

    I know we are still in UT mode. And the hangover I have isn't only from the loss last night. Lol But anyhow, I'm in Aruba right now and I need so help as far as watching the JSU game online. I can log into my WatchESPN app but nothing plays. I'm assuming it because I'm out of the county. I'm...
  6. Tournament Challenge?

    Are we doing a group this year?
  7. Jersey question

    Is the bookstore or any place around BDS selling this years jerseys? I want one for the game Thursday night. Can't find anything online except some generic Wal Mart looking ones. Yea, I know. No one over 30 should wear jerseys to games says the people on TOS but I really don't give a damn about...
  8. BDS seating question

    I'm coming in for the Clemson game and have 3 spartan friends tagging along. I was looking at decent prices seating for the game and the 200 sections 201-07 have seats available. Was wonder which section is better for viewing? Don't want to bring the guys and force them into bad seats. They want...
  9. BIG 10 expansion

    I posted this over on the rivals site too. It's from a convo I had with a good friend and what he passed along to me from a trusted friend in the Michigan athletic department. They were at the UM/Fla bowl game and sat with some well informed donors to the Michigan AA. The rumor floating around...
  10. 278 days until kick off

    I can not remember a season that went by as fast as this one or go as bad as this one has. What's everyone's opinion on 2016? At this point I have no clue what to expect. I like what I saw from all the freshmen that were forced into action on offense and think it bodes well for the upcoming...
  11. No heart

    This is the worst effort I've seen in a GT team in years. Absolutely embarrassing. This season is over. There is no confidence or fight in this team.
  12. UNCheat line

    Tech opened as a 12.5 favorite. Down to 9 now. I really figured we'd be an underdog. +1 or 2 at least. Interesting.
  13. Mike London

    If he's coaching at UVA by time we travel to Charlottesville I'll be shocked! This team is bad!
  14. UNCheat game

    Anyone have an idea as to what time kickoff will be?
  15. Random fan encounter yesterday

    I took my seats in section 15 row 45 seat 30 and noticed I was sitting next to two Auburn and one Alabama fans. I asked them what brought them to the game and they told me they coached Justin when he was younger and his parents had gotten then tickets. One of them actually gave espn the video...
  16. Can't sleep. I'm ready to do this!

    I've never been so pumped up for a Tech game than I am right now! I sat at a bar and watched that **** show F$U put out there and thought to myself if we win this game we will run the table. All the Michigan State fans I was with said I hope you beat the Irish back to the potato famine days! We...
  17. GT's first offensive play of the game

    What's your call? I say A back counter or a smoke screen.
  18. Da U

    Still can't stop the run. That is all.
  19. Who's going to South Bend?

    I am in section 115. Who's going and where's everyone sitting at? GTSwarm tailgate???
  20. Orange Bowl?

    Are we now a locked in?