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    Moving/Sitting together at the games

    If you are in the upper decks just move to a higher (highest) row. There's been room in some sections at the top at every game.
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    Oh, if anyone has a single ticket they need to sell, send me a PM. Mrs. Brick doesn't want to go due to the cold. Dont worry about the distancing issue, I'll use it to sit in a vacant area so we can all stay safe. Go Jackets!
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! More December football! And we still have one more to play. :nailbiting: Get up and get that gold on, show out at work for the Yellow Jackets. Get everything done early so you can head over to Grant Field or get home to your big screen (or computer if you...
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Hey everybody, December football! Well, that would be super exciting for us in any year other than this one - shoot we still have two more ACC games 🤞after this one. Odder still, this is the end of our opponent's regular season - I guess they did not have...
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    Game 8 #DUKEvsGT Predictions

    Not bold enough, but winner none the less.
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    The upside is that the traffic is nonexistent after they play The Horse.
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Today at Grant Field the Yellow Jackets take on Pitt . . . Today the Yellow Jackets have traveled to Miami . . . Yikes, 2020 has been a helluva year. Today the Yellow Jackets take on the dwags in Clean Old Fashioned Hate C'mon on man! THIS ISN'T RIGHT...
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    It should be hate week

    It is always Hate Week.
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    @Clydebrick where are you?😉

    I did get up and put some gold on.
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Today the Brave and bold welcome the Irish to Grant Field. It will be a great day to come out and support these fine young men as they represent the Institute, the very definition of "football weather". Or you can just get to your favorite big screen and...
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Today marks the middle the 2020 season (at half time anyway) - now that bowl games have their own "season" now. That we have been able to get to this point is quite an accomplishment given the unusual circumstances we have been living with this year. While...
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! A cool October afternoon. Bright sunny skies. A Georgia Tech home game - homecoming no less. I know, I know; The 'Rona. Virtual homecoming. No tailgating. No pregame festivities. GT is nearly a 28 point dog. But it's college football, it's Gameday and...
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    Game 4 #ULvsGT Predictions

    10 people picked GT +14 in the poll, but nobody picked a score even close to that. Should of stuck with your poll selection. So the winner is:
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    It has been up and down all week; 20% to 90% chance of rain at the kick. At presstime it was 65%. It is however currently trending downward again. IIRC, we've had a pretty decent run of home games without rain recently. Our biggest weather issue has been September nooners in the 90s, so I...
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! The weather will not be ideal. We can't tailgate. There has been quite a bit of growing pains and frustration so far this season. The team is wearing blue. (;)) But; it's Gameday. Those weather-guys are always wrong (amirite!?!). There's lower-cost...
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    Brothers and sisters it is Gameday! Today the Brave and Bold have traveled to visit their furthest ACC opponent, the Orangemen of Syracuse and meet them on their home field for the first time. The good news is that no mater the local weather, it won't be bad on the field. Although it may be...