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  1. Mac Nease baseball park

    I guess I am the last to figure out that the baseball field (and all the trappings) is now called Mac Nease baseball park. I guess it is still Russ Chandler stadium, aka Bobby Dodd stadium @ historic grant field. I am grateful to Mr Nease and all of the very wealthy donors who have given...
  2. What’s the ACCN THINKING?

    So there’s two games in the league tonight: GT vs UVA and WF vs BC. How could GT vs UVA possibly not draw more eyeballs????? What criteria do they use to choose what game they will show? I know we are on ACCN the next couple of games, but I figured they would base the decision on which game...
  3. Live Audio - Pre Game?!?!?!?!

    Is anyone trying to listen to the pre game shown right now on the game day app???? It's a bunch of Spanish music (more like wailing). Incredible. I got a notification on my phone that the pre-game show is on, but when you use the app, you get ....... this. What a joke
  4. Game day app

    Is it just me or does the game day suck for everyone? I have an iphoneX that has an up to date IOS. I was trying to listen to the pregame using the game day app and so about every 5 minutes I lose the stream. The only way to recover it is to go to the app, stop the stream (which is already...
  5. GT Sports Identity

    I was watching the "best" of Packer & Durham on the ACCN last week and the topic was "What is your schools sports Identity", meaning when the population in general thinks of your school, what sport do they associate it with. Georgia Tech = golf according to Durham & Packer. I guess as the...
  6. Happy thanksgiving!!

    Happy Turkey day fellow beesballers!! Only 79 days until opening weekend and I can hardly wait. I wonder when I should inform my darling spouse that we will be spending Valentine’s Day at the Rusty C this year!?!?! Any suggestions?
  7. What if this is a good as it gets?

    After a month to reflect back on what was overall an enjoyable season, the disturbing thought that is the title of this thread came into my head. Realizing that this year’s achievement was a recent high water mark and the draft empties the pitching cupboard, it’s a real possibility. With that...
  8. Transfer Players Status?

    I have lost track. Have any of our transfers been "approved" to play next year? If not, is there an expectation as to when the NCAA might get around to making the decision? Two weeks into the season like with James Banks?
  9. This week at the Rusty C .....

    Go you friggin' Jackets!!! You have played your butts off all year, now go seal the deal (at least regular season). Finish strong!!
  10. DOOK

    Onward to Dook. Their Friday starter "looks to be" elite, based on stats. Sub .200 opponent batting average. Their starters don't go deep. They have two relievers with 30+ innings and sub 2.00 ERA, so they have had some good work out of the pen. This team certainly rose to the occasion...
  11. We are flawed ..... is everyone else?

    So, following GT baseball so closely, it is easy for me (all of us, presumably) to see our flaws. Even though I know we are enormously talented and resilient this year, it's too easy for me, knowing those flaws, to easily translate in my mind and think "we cannot make a deep tournament run...
  12. Wiley Ballard and WREK

    Is Wiley ever coming back to WREK? If not is there some other audio source he can be listened to calling tech games on? I miss Wiley’s calls!
  13. GT athletes (or soon to be) doing what GT athletes do (Softball) Great story about GT commit Ansley Gunter.
  14. Special Teams improvement in 2018

    Ok, our much beleaguered special teams arguably made the biggest turnaround this year. I must admit, like CPJ, I do hold my breath every time we kick off, but other than that, the other four aspects (KO return, punt coverage, punt return, place kicking) all improved noticeably. What do you...
  15. Exhibition Game Summary?

    Anybody have a summary from last night? I read what was on, but not much to ascertain other than it was close for about 10 min & looking at the box score Devoe didn’t play. Was that expected?
  16. Up the vibe!

    It can be done
  17. Biggest factor in outcome of GT vs Pitt (poll)

    additiinal responses added after last week
  18. Biggest Factor in GT vs USF outcome (poll)?

    What's the biggest factor in determining the outcome?
  19. Stinger Mobile Pass question

    I purchased a two stinger mobile passes this year. I received an email that that instructs me to register at (which I did) and when I log in I will see passes that I can use to scan into BDS. Howeve, when I log in I see each game listed w a link to manage game ticketS but...