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  1. #GTProDay 2021

  2. Morgan Burnett has retired

    You know what else is crazy. Look at how sloppy we were playing in that offense. Compare that with 2009 2011 or 2014 (or even 2018) When the offense absolutley clicking.
  3. 2021 Offseason Work Out Program

    Pretty much how our 2014 crew was. Yeah shaq was a beast, but they were resetting the line of scrimage 2 yards off on most plays. I mean Laskey/days could pretty much get 4 yards by falling forward after the mesh after everything was clicking.
  4. Spring Training 2021

    No ones year counted last year.
  5. #GTProDay 2021

    Stewart wasn't recruited to be the wr1 slot. But he definitely made an impact
  6. #GTProDay 2021

    Jeune actually made it he bounced around camps on actual free agent contracts so he made money
  7. #GTProDay 2021

    If camp gets drafted. That basically means that of the WR1's (people recruited for this position) that have played for GT that were recruited by CPJ, 4 were over 11 years. Given the average career length of needing to be 3 years and the nature of the position (not many receivers played). That's...
  8. 2021 Offseason Work Out Program

    I think we will eb most successful with perhaps a tiny bit more run and controlling the game to allow our play action to work better until sims gets a tiny bit more experience he's still going to be a true sophmore.
  9. 2021 Offseason Work Out Program

    Truthfully i hope not. Gibbs is a slashing runner I'd rather he averaged more per carry and had more runs over 20 yards. I'd love to see him get about 40 percent of the carries, with Mason getting aroudn 30 and the others splitting the rest. If we are doing that I think we are going to have a...
  10. ACC Tourney

    **** it we'll take it.
  11. Preseason Depth Chart Thoughts

    If we are smart, we incorperate him as a blocker in some 2 back sets (personally would love to see us use the stacked I pistol for some power run stuff to get a big guy (BJS or Mason) in front of gibbs.
  12. Preseason Depth Chart Thoughts

    In 4-2-5 The second middle is often a coverage backer and usually smaller the if tariq coudl gaine 20 lbs without losing speed he'd easily slot into this position (think deon jones on atlanta)
  13. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    They won't be for much longer, not with likeness contracts, free agency int eh form of the transfer portal and potential pay for play constantly being brought up.
  14. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    This was leas about being a head coach and more about the things we have already seen him performing well at.
  15. Tech Getting Some Late Kick Love

    They don't have any emotional currency in the game. if it works they get say they told you so if it doesn't eh on to the next thing.
  16. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    That is a valid point, it really becomes if its about money or challenge. But GM's typically make 3 mil a year average. Assistants can make well whatever an owner wants to pay them.
  17. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    When it comes to free agents there is a LOT of recruiting that goes on unless you are one of three or for teams. There is a reason that wasn't money for why Brady went to Tampa. Guys lookign to stay in the league? That's all money, courting the better players. That becomes recruiting. I am...
  18. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    There have been plenty of players GM's in the NFL. As long as everyone understands their playing the same game I don't think this is as big of a problem.
  19. Where we might lose Coach Collins.

    I know clickbaity title but wait for it, I've been doing a decent amount of thinking on this and I honestly think that our most likely competition for Collins's talent if and when he turns things around here (if his methods work I see us having a majorly hard time holding onto him) Isn't...
  20. Spring football exhibition games

    This was back when PITT won most of their NC's.