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  1. Notre Dame - ACC Weekend #7

    For complacency or getting sucked in?
  2. Notre Dame - ACC Weekend #7

    I admire your positive outlook.
  3. Notre Dame - ACC Weekend #7

    After today, I have reached the “complacency” stage. We caught lightning in a bottle the first two series and I got sucked into believing it was real.
  4. Notre Dame - ACC Weekend #7

    Time to show what we got. This team is full of promise and talent at the plate. We have seen them do it defensively in the past (earlier this year and last year). We have a handful of proven pitching and more that have all the tools but have yet to prove their consistency. Here’s hoping they...
  5. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Bammer seemed to have a great plan for that shot. I couldn't really tell how the shooter got himself open. They moved the ball really quickly and didn't give UCLA an opportunity to foul. Having defensive guys inside the 3 point line in that situation is a mystery though.
  6. Walker Kessler leaving UNC?

    Like he wouldn’t get playing time here?? hope he doesn’t decide on dads alma mater.
  7. Loyola Chicago (8) vs. Georgia Tech (9), Friday, 4pm ET, TBS

    They can hit the three, but they give up a lot of open threes as well. Wisky's players didn't seem all that athletic, but they still looked way more athletic than Loyola's
  8. Pittsburgh - ACC Weekend #3

    Have we officially crossed over the line from "never as good as it seems" to "never as bad as it seems"?????
  9. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Lol, how do you really feel about him?
  10. Pittsburgh - ACC Weekend #3

    I saw the gonzolaez whiff on the fly. Who made the other drop of FB? Was it routine. I changed it to unc/FSU with us up 7-3, came back for the last out with us down 11-9. I am really glad I missed what I did. Even missing it, still made me want to throw up in my mouth
  11. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    Evening all, looking to acquire two tickets to the Pitt game on Sunday, March 14th. thanks
  12. ACC Tourney

    I don’t trust usher with the ball in his hands as inbounds guy either
  13. ACC Tourney

    Survive & advance, but man, our end of game awareness & execution is just not very good when we have the lead. We mange end of game scenarios better when we are trailing it seems like.
  14. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    No way they should have allowed that ball to be caught. The defender is looking right at the pass and has plenty of time to fight his way around and deflect it.
  15. Louisville - ACC Weekend #2

    Great to win a laugher. Got to attend in person and the park/field looks great. My takeaways are 1) Archer battled. Wasn’t alway dominant but kept making them put it in play. 2). Neither team looked like a top 20 team. 5 errors between the two teams, multiple past balls, who knows how many...
  16. NC State - ACC Weekend #1

    I don’t want to jump to a hasty conclusion, but I’m thinking that this team could really be special ....... and I’m usually on the pessimistic side!
  17. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    I would really like to acquire two or three tickets for either Friday, March 5 or Saturday March 6 (Louisville) to enjoy the game with my son who is in PA school @ Mercer. If anyone has some that they can’t use, please let me know. Will be happy to cover the cost.
  18. Moses F. Wright Highlights

    A tribute to Moses and coach rev. He is amazing.
  19. 2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    I’m would very much appreciate an opportunity to acquire two tickets to either March 5, 6, or 7th game(s). Thanks!! SJ