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  1. Virginia (Home) - ACC Weekend #6

    I think the reason we haven't seen more of Wilhite as a pitcher is because he has more value as a second baseman than a pitcher. Keep in mind that some calling for him as a middle reliever means that we then have a void at second base in the late innings. If you say Malloy can move to second...
  2. Virginia (Home) - ACC Weekend #6

    If we continue to get the kind of starts out of Hurter and Archer that we have gotten recently, I would strongly consider making Sunday the "all staff" day. More and more MLB teams are doing this sort of thing with their day 4 or 5 starts. Audition the remaining staff during practice that week -...
  3. ACC Tourney

    Nobody said anything about FSU celebrating their trophy last year without having to play a single game. So I see no shame in the Jackets accepting and celebrating their trophy regardless of how it pans out from this point forward this year. I feel sorry for the teams that tested positive but I...
  4. ACC Tourney

    Duke made the decision to commute with the knowledge that their football team was already in quarantine due to positive testing as well as a large number of their student population. With that in mind, it seems to me they were really pushing the limits of "staying in their bubble" by commuting...
  5. ACC Tourney

    Ummmm.....only a loser would spell it loosers.
  6. Ga State Wednesday 4PM (? was Tuesday)

    Yikes. Maybe it's a good thing we can't watch it. Ugly start so far. One out in the top of the first and already going to the bullpen.
  7. Ga State Wednesday 4PM (? was Tuesday)

    Is anyone else having trouble pulling the game up online? Not seeing it on the ESPN APP. When I click on the watch live link on the Ramblin Wreck site it says game has not started yet but I know it has.
  8. Colin Hall

    OK I got sucked into this topic because I was thinking much the same as gtrower as I watched all the games so far this year. Maybe not so much if he was playing every game this year because of his last name but more because of his performance at the plate. I too am wondering why he is batting so...
  9. GTWBB

    Granted we didn't do ourselves any favors with the way we played, especially from the guard position. But I continue to be amazed by how horrific the referees are in women's basketball. On at least 3 or 4 occasions our ladies were driving to the basket when the opposing player running next to...
  10. GTWBB

    How was Love not a factor? She led the team with 9 boards and kept giving the team second chances with 6 of those boards on the offensive end.
  11. Eastern Kentucky - Opening Weekend

    Surprised to see that Crawford is getting the nod on the weekend. I figured Roedig would be a lock for one of those spots. Gotta wonder if there's an injury involved there not to take anything away from Crawford. If he earned the spot based on performance then we must be really deep with...
  12. GTWBB

    Don't want to rain on your parade but we were picked fifth by the coaches not 10th. And I think we were missing Boyd not Love when we played Ugag. But to pick up on the theme of your post these ladies have not been able to play all year with the full compliment of players so I agree the ceiling...
  13. GTWBB

    Very few wore braces. More often than not they are wearing compression sleeves or "leggings" which are more about keeping the muscles warm rather than providing support/protection. Watch the men's games....several of them wear the same things.
  14. GTWBB

    You can really tell how well coached this team is. It is a luxury to have a team with veteran leaders to go with talented youngsters. When the freshmen come into the game you don't really much of a drop-off in production and think that speaks highly of their coaching. I also like the fact we...
  15. Who’s on First? 2021 Depth Chart Guesses and Roster

    Also,I would like to add I think Bartnicki wins the closer job if he improves his control. Two reasons, he has a unique arm slot and a deceptive easy release that makes it seem like the ball explodes from his hand and makes it very hard to make solid contact if he does not have to pitch from...
  16. Who’s on First? 2021 Depth Chart Guesses and Roster

    I don't think there is anyway Parada doesn't start at C from the beginning. Just too much talent not too. When you are being compared to some of Tech's all time greats at the position by the head coach I think that says a lot. I also think that Jackson won the starting 2B position last year and...
  17. Any word on the COVID situation

    I thought I read that the women's games were postponed because of our opponents. Not because of something on our team.
  18. ACC Expansion

    I would add Notre Dame and ask Louisville to take a hike. That would keep the numbers even. Although, UNCheat and Miami probably want to keep them around to keep the limelight off of themselves.
  19. ATL week 2

    If you watch the replay and slow it down, the last carry Mason got, the defender rolled up on the back of his leg and ankle. The camera immediately cut away so you couldn't see if he limped off. But after that play he didn't return to the game. Given how well he was running it along with his...