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  1. DH9387

    Zach Quinney forgoes football for job opportunity

    Georgia Tech’s Zach Quinney forgoes football for job opportunity
  2. DH9387

    Fantastic article about Dedrick Mills

    After hard fall, Dedrick Mills pledges a comeback Ken has really stepped his game up this summer. The article talks about what happened and how things have gone since. I especially loved seeing that CPJ is continuing to counsel him to this day.
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    Georgia Tech Plans New Sports Broadcasting Facility

    Saw this on my LinkedIn feed today. Unfortunately, I do not have a subscription to the Atlanta Business Chronicle and cannot watch the video for more details, but I have not been able to find anything else about this on the internet so I figured I would post the link here. From the title, we...
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    Marcus Allen is "a program guy" I have a whole new respect for Marcus Allen. Even if his career wasn't what he, or a lot of us, were hoping for, he used the system instead of letting it use him. Thank you for your...
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    Northwestern Players Denied Request to Unionize Please move if this is not the appropriate forum.