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  1. GTHomer

    Arizona HC Search and Pastner Implications

    It may evolve into a discussion of what the framework of CJPs new contract will look like. Just read that Lloyd will get just under $2.9M/year as a first time head coach. Not bad.
  2. GTHomer

    Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Let haters hate. We've got a good team and I believe the coaching staff will have our guys ready to compete and succeed. I'm not saying that history may repeat itself but Moses had a breakout game at the ACC tournament at the end of his 2nd year. A breakout for Howard could be giving the...
  3. GTHomer

    Bracketology - Let's Do This

    First team in if a team from a league with multiple teams in has to opt out. Must be done by Tuesday.
  4. GTHomer

    Headed to Greensboro

    Jose and Jordan made the All Tournament Team and Mike Devoe was the Most Valuable Player. It cannot get any better than this!
  5. GTHomer

    ACC Tourney

    I believe that in the 70's, the ACC had 7 teams with the #1 seed getting a bye in the first round. Those teams were probably the #1 seed if they played 2 games to win the tournament.
  6. GTHomer

    AJC Article - With assistants’ help, Moses Wright made himself into ACC’s top player

    Another good article regarding the impact of our player development program on Moses Wright. Articles like this could have a positive impact on recruiting. With assistants’ help, Moses Wright made himself into ACC’s top player
  7. GTHomer

    GT players with NBA potential

    As a side note, three of the players mentioned in the article had time with the local Atlanta Hawks. Who knows, given how Marbury is/was idolized in the CBA, maybe other GT grads would be viewed favorably.
  8. GTHomer

    Your First GT QB

    Mike Kelly in 1978. He was a freshman like myself. I wanted Gary Lanier to succeed as I was a classmate of his brother in elementary school. With Kelly passing and Eddie Lee running, we ended up having a pretty good season that year. Unfortunately, that was the last winning football season I...
  9. GTHomer

    MEMORIES...(first game)

    Freshman year in 1978, we played California in the first home game. We lost 34-22. I will never forget 'rats on the field' with the freshman going on the field for the football to run through. It was a great experience. I went back home a few years ago and found my old rat hat with that...
  10. GTHomer

    ND @ GT 8pm est ACCn 2/6 [TONIGHT]

    Definitely agree with this! Could you imagine if Howard, Meka and Saba put in the same effort as Moses to go along with the teaching, what they could become?
  11. GTHomer

    ProJackets Update

    Great trivia question. The first to do this was Bill Curry. He played center for Super Bowl I Champs, the Green Bay Packers followed by Super Bowl V Champs, the Baltimore Colts. He missed getting a ring in Super Bowl III when Baltimore lost to the NY Jets. Has any former Jackets won 3 Super...
  12. GTHomer

    GT @ UL Mon 2/1 ACCN

    Any word on whether Bubba will be available for this game yet?
  13. GTHomer

    Moses F. Wright Highlights

    Who could have imagined that gangly freshman taking ill advised 3 pointers now being one of the best players in the ACC? There were several doubters on this site regarding the evolution of Moses. This has been a great example of hard work along with good coaching paying off.👍
  14. GTHomer

    The Future

    Could anyone see a potential starting lineup with Howard and Saba starting with Moore coming of the bench? If they develop as expected, we could see a lite version of Ivan Joseph and John Salley next year. I also like the energy that Moore brings off the bench and he may be better suited for...
  15. GTHomer

    North Carolina @ Georgia Tech, Wednesday January 30th at 8pm

    I agree with your points however believe that we will see more offense from Kyle as the season progresses and going into next season. I think this season we are looking for him to provide good ball handling (protect the ball) and defense over scoring. Though his breakout was the Kentucky game...
  16. GTHomer

    Off Season Priorities

    Monies available, this could be a good reason to start both a men's and women's team. There is a LOT of soccer talent in the metro ATL area.
  17. GTHomer

    Off Season Priorities

    It would be interesting to bring either in as a consultant. Isn't that what Alabama does with out of work coaches?
  18. GTHomer

    GT vs Pittsburgh Final Stats/Participation Report

    You can find the PDF of this on - Final Stats The participation report is on page 5 of the PDF.
  19. GTHomer

    GT vs Nebraska

    I looked at it based on your recommendation and glad that I did :LOL: