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  1. GTrob21

    Settle the F down

    Whoa... reading some of these boards after last nights game, you would think our program is an absolute dumpster fire. Some of ya'll (yes ya'll) need to settle the F down. 1) We were playing the number 1 team in the country, who beat Bama by 4 TD's in the natty. They brought back every major...
  2. GTrob21

    Coach Brian Gregory will not be retained as @GTMBB Coach

    Just saw the tweet that CBG is gone...I guess let the speculation begin on his replacement
  3. GTrob21

    WTF happened...sorta rant

    Has anybody else come to a moment recently, where you look at the season and think "WTF happened?" This is the worst football season at GT in 20 years. You have to go back to He who shall not be named was the head coach to find a year this bad. Hell we have students at GT who were born after...
  4. GTrob21

    And we looked good!

    We won, we dominated. We made the SEC look bad. We beat UGA, Miami, VaTech, Clemson and Miss St.... And we looked really good in our blue unis!!!!! Congrats jackets, mods feel free to move this post to the appropriate place, rule number 1 in effect! Just a slap happy jacket here!
  5. GTrob21

    I know many are very confident...

    Let me just say I am proud of our team. They are a "team", they play hard and they don't give up. All things I admire about our football team. I however don't think this upcoming game versus FSU will be easy or that we will win by a large margin. I know many have watched FSU struggle all year...
  6. GTrob21


    Guys, 32 mins till kickoff's and i'm looking at the Throwback unis....There is no way we lose this game when we look this good.
  7. GTrob21

    Can we please play good basketball again? I remember the national championship run, I remember Jarrett Jack, Marvin Lewis. BJ Elder, Big Luke. I remember after that run, the season tickets selling out in less than an hour... I remember when...
  8. GTrob21

    Yetman is going to be angry notice what is beside the Miami game....
  9. GTrob21

    Poor Wake

    I will admit it. I love college basketball. I know that many GT basketball fans have hid under their sheets for the past decade or so, but I am still here. Has anybody been following the basketball continent at Wake? Their fan base is revolting against their coach, and twitter just floated that...
  10. GTrob21

    Obit calling our CPJ

    I don't know what even to make of this, but since it involves GT football, thought I would leave it here. Stole this from another board.
  11. GTrob21

    Our new AD?

    Just wondering, if our AD has issued any statements concerning the now defunt CBS tweet or Vad. I have been following the Louisville coaching change, and Tom J has been all over, out in front of that situation. Even Drad when He was here, he put out the good word, which gave an avenue to the...
  12. GTrob21

    Sorry won't miss Maryland at all

    Maybe its because i'm a young buck, but I won't miss maryland at all. I really tired to pull for the ACC team, but I just couldn't with the terps. I'm glad they lost and hope the ACC goes 10-1. Am I the only one who feels this way?
  13. GTrob21

    GT vs KSU

    Well, nobody else is watching this? Are you kidding me, we are down by 1 at 9:20, if we lose this game, we should fire CBG on the spot
  14. GTrob21

    Saban Ran across the yahoo wire just a while ago... The rumors have been swirling for a while, this is the first news outlet, if you consider yahoo a news outlet, to say that it will happen. Saban is going to be a very...
  15. GTrob21

    Potential transfers

    So we know about Lo Wood...but there is a tease OTS about another one. Anybody have the details?
  16. GTrob21

    ACC Realignment?

    So there is some chatter from our old AD Dan R about a possible re-aligning of the ACC. Nothing specific was mentioned, but the topic seems to be gaining some momentum. I for one just want two things if things were to change. I want FSU and Clemson on the schedule every year. couldn't care...
  17. GTrob21

    GT vs Delaware St thread

    Guess I am the only one here who loves Bball. I think Heyward should play football I have a man crush on miller. We are much better than last year
  18. GTrob21

    Serious question about Lou

    Ok I have to admit I am not a coach, just an avid fan. But it seems to me that this year, Lou Young has been singled out by opposing offenses. Can somebody help me out with why? We have DJ white opposite him... a sophomore, and Young is a our 4-star Senior... I don't remember Lou struggling so...
  19. GTrob21

    Conference realignment

    Can't believe we don't have one of these yet.... the stuff isn't as crazy as it was last year but it's still flying around. If you want a good laugh, just head to any West Virginia thread and they are absolutely bat-S**t crazy. I loved reading "the Dude". Anyway do any of you ever...