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  1. gtpi

    greatest football related practical jokes youve performed....

    its the slow period before signing period. i hope i generate a few chuckles or "so youre the guy"s 1. way back when the hive was young they had a back room where we all talked recruiting. its all we had back then. greg garret used to lead that charge of enthusiasm. it was getting close to...
  2. gtpi

    Portal statistics

    Are there any national portal statistics if so where do we stand
  3. gtpi

    bama's loss... our gain?

    ive not followed bama at all. i usually dont. i do know they are not as good a team as they have been in the past. yay. not a fan. did their losing brent key affect them this year? i sure hope so. anything we can do to dislodge any an all sec teams in the national championship game so...
  4. gtpi

    what if cpj had hired cgc as d co ordinator

    instead of all the failures we had during his tenure? would that marriage have worked or not worked?. would recruiting have gotten better? would paul have given cgc leeway on the recruiting branding etc? would we have won more games?
  5. gtpi

    slow starter

    does cgc know he is a slow starter? are there those that disagree with this evaluation? what can he do to improve this issue if indeed his TEAMS tend to be slow starters. i cant imagine this being the total fault of a head coach. the staff has something to do with it. so far im not thrilled...
  6. gtpi

    helmet decals

    will we using helmet decals to reward good performances? if so what?
  7. gtpi

    dabo vs geof

    they seem to be to be very similar in the way they approach coaching. both good to great recruiters. both high energy guys. both capable ceos.
  8. gtpi

    T Stan... your opinion on his job performance to date.

    i love the job tstan has done so far. smooth transition from cpj to cgc. great hire for the new wbb coach. great hire for the pitching coach. he seems to have accomplished a lot in a short time. hopefully he can help cjp straighten out his recruiting issues because i do think he can coach
  9. gtpi

    coach of the year....

    we are currently undefeated so why not anticipate a much better season than most see us having.... iyo... what would our record have to be for cgc to get consideration for acc coy? national coy? as much as this program has been snake bit. i do think we are due for a perfect storm of a...
  10. gtpi

    coaching 'staff' comparisons

    im sure this has been discussed back in jan feb but this is now 5+months later. we have had 5 months to come to some kind of evaluation on the difference between the two staffs discounting cpj and cgc. did we upgrade the staff ... stay the same ... or is the new staff worse than the old... in...
  11. gtpi

    auburn has worst offense in the country

    as far as developing players for the nfl. ouch. we have a few players we are competing with auburn for. certainly cant hurt to post negative articles about the auburn program such as this...
  12. gtpi

    toughman contest

    if the acc was won based on tough man contests between the coaching staffs how would you rank the head coaches? the staffs? 1-14, (its the off season. what can i say. im an mma fan)
  13. gtpi

    a complete make over

    could we give the gt athletic department a complete make over using what we are learning from coach collins? would it be disingenuous to use the 404 gimmick and the other stuff coach collins has introduced for basketball baseball track golf etc id love to see a picture of collins giving...
  14. gtpi

    Best way to contact da coach?

    buehler beuhler?
  15. gtpi

    legit online job

    suggestions? bueller bueller!! tia
  16. gtpi

    is it just me? or...

    are the performance of the team vs the animation of josh pastner directly proportional???? ive not payed attention enough to cjp on the bench but i have to say ive not ever seen him as animated as he was at the carrier dome last week. AND our team seemed to play UP to the level of his...
  17. gtpi

    incognito collins

    anybody here think that the coach is now a swarm member? wouldnt surprise me if he has joined all the major gt boards INCOGNITO. so all you newbies since 120718.... which one of you is cgc :rolleyes:
  18. gtpi

    which espn do we need to watch the games?

    mods... i wasnt sure where to post this so i posted it in the largest forum to get the most views! feel free to move it if need be. heh. like i have a choice. tia #ESPNjacket long story short. i stream using a firebo / kodi. i currently subscribe to the orange sling which has espn. i also...
  19. gtpi

    gt @ clemson

    this could be a great chance to give our team a real shot of confidence. id love to see another syracuse effort with devoe leading the way with a gaggle of 3 points at a 50% + clip. go jackets
  20. gtpi

    The Swarm Road Warrior Award

    kids like attaboys. lotsa attaboys. in an ajc article cjp talked about having a road warrior mentality. how about we award a player on the team the... okie dokie super duper swarm ROAD WARRIOR OF THE WEEK award. have the board take a day to post a vote on who is the most deserving road...