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  1. All Time GT Team

    Well I will go ahead and put Billy Lothridge's name in. As it says on his tombstone up in Gainsville - "A Hero in everyone's eyes except his own"
  2. Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    A punk azz Head of SEC officials that punished the ENTIRE crew who did the GT vs ugag jasper thanks game. Didn't have the integrity to stand by his crew for not cheating for an SEC team. No room at Grant Field to honor him imo.
  3. GT flooding ATL?

    Main water break on campus (Hemphill @ 1st?) ATL water works responsibility? Some roads on campus closed. Nearby restaurants flooded or closed. Citizens in parts of city told to boil water. wlr?
  4. All Time GT Team

    And to somewhat prove my point - Not one vote for a guy that more than deserved the Heisman over Staubach. What happens later in the pros is irrelevant.
  5. GT researchers: colleges too optimistic about social distancing

    As usual GT nerds over thinking and not seeing the answer right in front of them. Simple - only allow students who are citizens of the state of Ga (and coincidentally who have parents paying taxes supporting the school) along with S/As to attend class. Any room left over goes to those from...
  6. Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    Have to assume that #19 would be honored. Hopefully we are a classy enough program so we dont have to ID it with the name of the player. How could every Tech fan not know? And if we keep the H O.F. names on UE facade - I hope we remove Bobby Gaston.
  7. The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    The real question isnt if will start on time, but whether it will end as scheduled.
  8. All Time GT Team

    These ars always bogus. Too few fans that reakly know much about GT football. See how many mentions of 52 D. Indian Joe Strupper Fincher Big Six Stallings Shaw Rock just to mention few. Many will say "i wasn't alive". Yank-yank. Real fans will know about players from time immemorial.
  9. Swofford to Retire in June 2021

    And he allowed a team to become a member without becoming a member who receives the benefit of membership. Wonder what the lil girl git under the table for that deal?
  10. Swofford to Retire in June 2021

    That is what they paid swofford. May be irrelevant. What does DRad make at CU? Regardless of pay, may be a step down from being AD at CU.
  11. Swofford to Retire in June 2021

    Some really big nonsense being regurgitated here. New Commish - no ties to any ACC school. You know, maybe hire a damn professional for the job like the SEC does. Make n.d. poop or get off the pot. Invite a power school that WANTS to be a member.
  12. Pandemic-related budget cuts

    It seems as if you are looking at this from a irrelevant perspective. It has nothing to do with being furloughed or forced to work. Coaches do not operate with that mindset. I remember being at a banquet at the old Atlanta Touchdown Club. A coach was drawing up plays, with countering moves...
  13. Pandemic-related budget cuts

    Oh please. Coaches "work" every day and will for the most part continue to do so. They aren't like the Hillnerds that think their stuff don't stink and they can scam the taxpayers with illegal credit card schemes. Wonder what would happen if everyone here cut $5 from their weekly food budget...
  14. 2020 Offseason Thread

    Well, it then becomes OUR responsibility to beat them instead of worrying about a lame azz ACC. If we build so as to be capable of beating ugag then we don't have to worry about duke, uvag, pitt, um or any of the others absent CU.
  15. A Door Handle?

    Without diminishing Bubba's courage, initiative, and spirit It was a standard racing garage door handle in the spot assigned at Talledega. It was hanging there, per FBI, before the team was even assigned the location.
  16. Need Some Good Names

    No doubt- Jolly Good Fellow
  17. 2020 Offseason Thread

  18. Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    If so it looks like it was laid in the wrong direction.