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  1. GTrob21

    Updated Roster

    I think with everybody focusing on the immense talent that Gibbs is, some people may have overlooked Griffin. I think he is going to be an absolute stud by the time his time is up on the flats.
  2. GTrob21

    2018-19 revenue for each P5 conference and per-team distribution

    Well... those numbers are disheartening... but we do have the ACC network... just with probably no sports for the foreseeable future...
  3. GTrob21

    Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    You forgot "Everything we do, we are going to do with Excellence"...maybe that should be printed on the brick surrounding the field. :)
  4. GTrob21


    Our DB's were having to cover over an incredible amount of time last year due to the lack of pressure. My hope is that with improved DL play, we will see every other position group improve. I think its well known that we win the game in the trenches... An All world QB will look pedestrian...
  5. GTrob21

    Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    People complain about money and the lack thereof, but there ain’t 90k Tech fans beating down the doors to get into Bobby Dodd... this was done to bring extra revenue streams in a very desirable locations in a major metropolitan city. Pure and simple it is a good move for money.
  6. GTrob21

    Mike Norvell messed up

    Wow, this is definitely going to hurt him immensely. I'm not sure people understand the culture and how this type of stuff, will spread fast. Athletes are competitors on the field, but it's been my experience that for the most part, we were friends off. (Disclaimer, I never played Football), but...
  7. GTrob21

    Christian Malloy has Entered the Transfer Portal

    He is a GT kid, and he wants to play. I don't blame him a bit, a little disappointed at some of the comments in this thread. Wish him well, support our young men.
  8. GTrob21

    Tyler Davis Drafted

    So am I seeing this right that the 1st GT player drafted after the switch to a new offensive scheme is the TE? That seems to me like some juice we can sell.
  9. GTrob21

    Coronavirus Thread

    This is crazy... I can't believe grown-*** college-educated men are using "Some guy in Texas, took this drug and got better" and "A friend of mine texted me about this.". Holy poop guys, one of the head doctors in America, the head of Infectious diseases goes on national television and refutes...
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    CGC Tweet w/UGA

    I see what you did there... well-played coach...well-played
  11. GTrob21

    Pastner wanting ugag transfer

    I believe in our development ability of the staff. What I have seen from Lammers to Banks to Wright has been great! I think this guy is going to be good given some time. Welcome!
  12. GTrob21

    GTWBB, the 18 ACC games forthcoming(posting here)...

    I started following our women's team this year. I love the way they play. I think we have a great coach in Nell. Cheering for these women! They deserve to make the tourney.
  13. GTrob21

    New WBB Coach: Nell Fortner

    That is some straight-up BullSheet right there. Nell deserved it. She has done a great job with this team.
  14. GTrob21

    Geoff Collins in with Chuck Oliver

    @Jmonty71 is right on the money. This guy is a CEO building a brand, and its exactly what GT needs, and honestly its exactly where college football is at. The future is incredibly bright for GT under Coach Collins.
  15. GTrob21

    Here's An Analysis Of The 2020 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets By College Football News

    5-7, I think we improve, and win some more games, but I think the real improvement will be in 21
  16. GTrob21

    COFH...Its Hate Week!! This can't end well for the puppies...
  17. GTrob21

    Baylor's Matt Ruhle new N C Panthers head coach.

    He has to "turn" the program into 11 wins before he follows Matt.
  18. GTrob21

    New WBB Coach: Nell Fortner

    I think she will go down as one of the best hires this Institute has ever made. and yes I know its only year 1, but what she has done for the team culture is incredible.
  19. GTrob21

    Lucas Johnson Entering Transfer Portal

    Good luck, I hope he lands at a place that he has a legit shot as a starter.