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  1. AE 87

    Christian Malloy has Entered the Transfer Portal

    I think CPJ was great at optimizing his players. As a result, he could use guys like Embry and Marcus Wright that other schools couldn't. Fwiw, IIrc, Embry wasn't one of our top 2 A-Backs (plays, carries) during any season.
  2. AE 87

    24/7 CGC Interview

    Good interview. Interviewer looked like the basic model and MakeHuman.
  3. AE 87

    Interview with Georgia Tech Head Coach Geoff Collins - 4/15/20

    LOL So, in your opinion, in some scenarios you can be reasonable and appreciate nuance to understand the bigger picture, but in other scenarios you can emotionally rant because things don't turn out as you want? My mistake, I thought you were a dude. ... It's a joke
  4. AE 87

    Interview with Georgia Tech Head Coach Geoff Collins - 4/15/20

    I'm all for giving CGC time and not passing harsh judgment based on 2019. I wish that many of the same people who are demanding nuance and understanding now had been half as open to the same over the previous five years.
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    Thank you!

    Upload it on to YouTube. What? What? - not @kg01 alter
  6. AE 87

    CGC Tweet w/UGA

    In before @kg01 posts something inappropriate.
  7. AE 87

    So you're saying there's a chance...

    Wow. The jump between #13 and #14 is from +8000 to +25000.
  8. AE 87

    PG Kyle Sturdivant Transfers to GT

    This is great. We really needed a PG.
  9. AE 87

    So who leaves? Attrition.

    I agree. I guess I wasn't sure what you understood by "have that made very clear to them." As I said in another thread, I can imagine potentially a "put yourself ahead of your team?" conversation which might lead to voluntary departures. So, I was just hypothesizing that without the Spring...
  10. AE 87

    So who leaves? Attrition.

    Since the decision to remove a scholarship, iiuc, can't be directly football performance, it's possible that guys who are graduating/have graduated before Fall camp might be at risk. By my count, we currently have 89 scholarship guys on our 2020-21 roster. So, 4 will have to leave, and I would...
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    Spring Game

  12. AE 87

    Evan Cole to Transfer

    I suspect basketball is not driving his decision. He may go someplace with a decent MBA he could get into.
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    What's the takeaway with the number of transfers?

    We need another pg. I don't trust Devoe's handles as they are now.
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    2020 ACC Tourney Thread

    When the last seed in the ACC Tournament wins it, the "ACC down year" narrative won't change. The ACC is the Trump/GOP of NCAAM.
  15. AE 87

    Evan Cole to Transfer

    I was looking for Evan to improve over the off-season and be a major factor for us. With that being said, Khalid+Usher+Moses probably gets more minutes than Usher+Moses/Cole. He'd probably get most minutes from relieving Moses. And then we have the new guys.
  16. AE 87

    ACC Discussion 2019-20

    We're one of only five teams to finish above 500 in ACC play. I hope they put our 4 tourney teams into separate region.
  17. AE 87

    Game Thread - @ Clemson, 3/6/2020

    Great win.
  18. AE 87

    Game Thread - @ Clemson, 3/6/2020

    We get the W going away.
  19. AE 87

    Scholarship Slots remaining

    "Are you going to put yourself above your team, son?"