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    New Schedule Announced

    $$$$$$$ cha-ching $$$$$$$
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    New Schedule Announced

    as can be evidence by looking at any replays of some of the lower-tier bowl games. Definitely many many many MP seats in the stands. Granted any of those empty seats were paid for though.
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    New Schedule Announced

    Don't blame us or the ACC, blame the SEC.
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    Devin Cochran choosing to not enroll

    Short write up in the AJC " Cochran has been finishing up his degree at Vanderbilt this summer. It isn’t unusual for an athlete planning to leave his original school as a grad transfer to finish coursework in the summer and transfer at that point. "
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    Swarm Makeover

    Thanks And of course thanks for all you do for the site. I just got so used to using Tapatalk... I'll have to break that habit 😁
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    Swarm Makeover

    Any chance that gtswarm will be available on Tapatalk again?
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    Why a 15-team conference could work for football (yep, another realignment thread)

    Did you forget that the ACC is getting 1/2 of Notre Dame's home game TV broadcast money?
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    No uga

    So, the SEC is chickening out of playing out of conference games! :chicken:😜
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    Season Ticket Holder Survey

    This ^^
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    2020 ACC Football Season Update

    Yep, ND gets to share the NBC$s... Of course this assumes games are played. Come on ACC and do not screw me by giving GT a home game on 10/2.
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    Kyle Sturdivant Immediately Eligible

    AJC Article - Link "The Norcross High graduate, who transferred from USC, has three seasons of eligibility remaining. He did not play for the Trojans after the death of his father Feb. 8. " " Sturdivant played in 21 games for the Trojans last season, averaging 2.0 points, 1.2 assists and 1.1...
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    Funny Stuff

    Because they use the name Jose ...
  13. awbuzz

    Funny Stuff

    Ain't playin' in that game. Just damn! What idiots!
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    The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    Yepper, ☹️ As much as I want to be at [email protected] watching the game on 9/3, I have almost accepted that it is not going to happen. :sick:
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    ACC to play 10-game conference-only schedule for the 2020 season.

    I have seen that the ACC and SEC are considering a team game schedule + 1. IE allow Georgia vs Georgia Tech, Florida versus Florida State, etc.
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    PAC 12 Players Want $ and Insurance, Threatening a Boycott This will lead to an end of college athletics including football.
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    Swarm Makeover

    Like the new look. Disappointed the Tapatalk is having a problem though. How many freaking out trying to figure out :unsure:what was wrong with my Tapatalk. Finally went over to the webview and now know why 💡 @John , do you have a time line when it may be functional on Tapatalk?
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    Which QB finishes against Clemson

    Can you send the rest of us some of what you were taking :-) [emoji6]