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  1. dressedcheeseside

    All white unis for NCST

    Is that the same tunnel where the Tunnel Pub was?
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    Game 8 Uniforms #DUKEvsGT

    At least we don’t have phrases on the back of our shirts where the name goes.
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    ACC Discussion 2020

    White and gold win again !
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    ACC Discussion 2020

    Notre Dame’s best defensive player was kicked out by the refs. And by the way, they are still kicking butt on D!
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    ACC Discussion 2020

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    ACC Discussion 2020

    ND is showing what it’s like to have TE’s.
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    ACC Discussion 2020

    White and gold are winning boys white and gold are winning!
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    ACC Discussion 2020

    When all the chips were on the table and the game hung in the balance, which team performed and which team did not? If I remember correctly, Clemson had the ball at midfield with three minutes to go and a seven point lead. They proceeded to have a penalty, net 0 yards on the ground and then...
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    Bye week opens as a Pick Em vs. Georgia Tech

    We will lose and it will be CPJ’s fault.
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    GT - ND postgame thread

    No we are not short of running back talent at all, we are short of OC talent.
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    GT - ND postgame thread

    Did any of y’all read any of the pregame write ups from national writers or even ND writers? Notre Dame was working on their passing game all night because that is the weakest part of their offense. Our defense basically played scout team are they practiced during a scrimmage. Nice. And they...
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    Clemson Post-game Thread

    What is sad is that FSU is improving while we are regressing. I bet they beat us handily now. That new qb of their's is no joke.
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    Game 5 Uniform Reveal

    I completely agree about the gold, Bama. How cool it would look to have Wreck Gold on the uni.
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    Jahmyr Gibbs Getting Some Recognition

    I have 2 theories: 1. Our Abacks were not consistent enough blocking for each other. Way too many whiffs led to way too many plays blown up for big losses, or worse. 2. Rules changes made it tougher for Abacks to cutblock “legally” which compounded theory 1.
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    Defense is now totally optional.

    They also allow picks (offensive interference) near the goal line.
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    Defense is now totally optional.

    I just watched a bunch of highlights from all top games and I noticed something, tackling is poor across the board. Maybe this a byproduct of covid affecting the preseason.
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    Louisville Post Game

    This is what I saw too.
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    Louisville Post Game

    I couldn’t be happier. I’m not even gonna pile on the D like the rest of y’all.
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    Louisville Uniform Reveal

    So why are the pants hiked up way above the knee? Look like bermuda shorts.
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    Starting QB speculation

    Sometimes a guy just doesn’t have it. There’s nothing wrong with putting in the next guy when that is the case. It’s not gonna kill his confidence and he might just learn something watching from the sidelines. We need to play the guy that gives us the best chance to win that given day at that...