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  1. Brent Key possibly to South Carolina?

    Some twitter chatter that this could happen. That wouldn't be ideal.
  2. Jeremiah Smith has been medically disqualified

    Jeremiah Smith going to medical scholarship so koots getting that one.
  3. 3/3/1996

    From some twitter discussion this evening: That is the last time we were 3 games above .500 in the ACC. Think about that for a moment. That's beyond sobering. 24 years ago. Man, I hope it gets better sometime.
  4. Kendall Young (question)

    I haven’t heard one word about this guy. Is he on the team?
  5. Brent Key tweet and apology

    Key has to use better common sense. He’s getting hammered on that tweet. Understandably.
  6. Wright State game

    Anybody have any tix they aren't gonna use tomorrow night?
  7. Exhibition tonight

    How do you stream the acc network extra? Wanted to try to catch the exhibition. I don't have cable, but do have access to an attuverse login.
  8. CGB Curt gone baddd.
  9. TaQuan’s archived recruiting thread

    I encourage everyone to go back and read through TaQuon’s recruiting thread. A lot of gems in there. Always fun to look back, especially when an under the radar guy becomes a key player.
  10. Florida-Tennessee BDS possibility

    Anyone else gonna go if this happens? I figure hell why not?
  11. Dwags on Tuesday

    Anyone going Tuesday night?
  12. 2 extra tix for Mercer

    Does anyone have the 2 complimentary Mercer tix they'd be willing to part with? I have a couple friends that would love to go to the game. Thanks. My e-mail address is [email protected]
  13. Cj leggett gone?

    Anyone else seeing this?
  14. Vcu tickets

    Anyone have a couple extra for the Vcu game they weren't planning on using?
  15. 1 uga-gt ticket for sale (face value $90; section 206Lower)

    Message if interested.
  16. Louisville tix

    Anyone have any tickets they can't use on Monday??
  17. DeMarco Cox

    He is leaning towards Tech and would be eligible to play immediately as he is graduating from Ole Miss. We saw him at the game at Barclays Center. Pretty agile big man.