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  1. Devin Cochran choosing to not enroll

    I noticed in the press conference that the players will be social distancing on the sideline. But I assume we’ll still huddle, block, tackle, chest bump, jump on each other after a great play, after all FB is a contact sport. (Sitting here scratching head.)
  2. The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    It’s beginning to look like that. If they cancel, it would be a good time for all sports to stop for a couple of years and hit a reset button.
  3. James Graham??

    Graham will be the starter until someone steps up to beat him out. Is that a good thing? Time will tell.
  4. No uga

    It’s called a roller coaster. If we could sustain a 5 year run where we had a really good team, you would see it reversed.
  5. No uga

    Not if they think they will be in the SEC title game. We could quarantine them.
  6. Question about this season and the ACC

    Does anyone think ND could make it to the title game if they played 9 conference games? And would that make us have an extra game?
  7. ACC to play 10-game conference-only schedule for the 2020 season.

    But that would give the ACC +1 game?
  8. ACC to play 10-game conference-only schedule for the 2020 season.

    Best idea yet. IF, there is a in conference season only, ND could be in a world of hurt. Why add another tough game when no one else is? Doesn’t the ACC have one more conference game anyway?
  9. Which QB finishes against Clemson

    Will we play 4 games?
  10. Spring Practice Thread

    I thought he gave a great interview and I seriously don’t have a clue what we were doing last year. Seems like we were throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks. I’m hoping with the personnel to fit the system, that last year was an aberration.
  11. Spring Preview: Running Backs

    He may be our short yardage back, possession receiver, HR threat, or our best blocker. I’m sure there is a good reason he switched with Howard.
  12. Spring Preview: Quarterbacks

    I’ll give my opinion on the QB after the bowl game next year.
  13. So who leaves? Attrition.

    It will take care of itself.
  14. Spring Preview: Linebackers

    Which level?
  15. Future schedule news

    All 3-9 teams play on Friday night. :)
  16. Poll: 2020 Starting QB

    They will see the writing on the wall after spring or during the fall. You can ATL all you want, but kids can see the pecking order.