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  1. Blumpkin Souffle

    Petition to Have an Official Navy Out Game

    If I started a petition to help us get an offficial game where evereyone in the crowd wore navy would you sign it? I know it wouldn't really matter but at least we can actually do something and try to make some noise about how we are getting treated like crap as fans.
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    Freshmen Arrive on Campus

  3. Blumpkin Souffle

    ACC Proposal for Players to Keep Redshirt Through Any Four Games

    Seems like it would be great for us when we get down to the end of the season and have to decide between wasting an OL redshirt or having 7 guys for the whole line.
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    Friday news dump so probably a big nothingburger.
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    Combine Invite Butker is going to the combine.
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    December Signing Period The Football Oversight Committee maintained its support for a mid-December signing date that would last 72 hours and coincides with the time junior college players can sign a...
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    Coda Building Next step in developing Tech Square, crazy that a billion dollars is invested there already.
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    Vance Walker is a nerd

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    Calvin Retirement?

    Pulling a Barry Sanders?
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    247 Sports Releases Team Talent Composite Someone at 247 (intern?) went and tabulated the talent on each FBS team and ranked them. Found it interesting that according to the "experts" we should be around 50 in the country.
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    SI Preseason top 25; Tech #19 Not sure I agree with having 8 SEC teams in the top 25 or Notre Dame at #4
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    Harbaugh to Michigan?

    Reportedly got offered $49 mil for 6 years, that's a stupid amount of money.
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    Q&A with Justin Thomas

    I found this line pretty interesting:
  14. Blumpkin Souffle

    Derek Dietrich

    Saw him on Sportscenter last night for turning a nice double play. I knew he was drafted by the marlins, but had no idea he was already playing in the big leagues. The announcers referred to him as a "Former Georgia Techer."
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    It's about that time of year again

    4 UGA football players arrested, charged with theft by deception
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    Constants of the Offseason

    The sky is falling Let's move starters to a new position Uniform threads Did I miss anything?
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    Hate Clemson but

    Gotta love watching the dawgs lose.
  18. Blumpkin Souffle

    Deandre Smelter switches from baseball to football The article says he will be trying out at WR. The only question I have is how many years of eligibility will he have left?