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  1. May be wrong Forum

    I can't get the Hive. Is it me or are they gone?
  2. 50 Years Ago Coach Dodd Retired - 22 years and 165 wins

    Thanks you are right. I was thinking of 66
  3. 50 Years Ago Coach Dodd Retired - 22 years and 165 wins

    Not sure but don't believe fifty six. I think GT was undefeated untill (sadly) loss to ugag. may have fifty five.
  4. Basketball

    I,m sorry I should know. Could some one tell me what grade is each of our player ?. Lammers etc.
  5. Tech's Honeycomb Helmet Voted #1 Ugliest Helmet In College Football

    I don't want to seem cantankerous but I was there too and I believed it to be dark navy at the time.
  6. scores

    Where can I get basketball scores? Link
  7. All-CPJ Team

    I thought you meant CPJ team meant those he had recruited as well as coached. I must have misunderstood.
  8. UVA

    I don't know that much about basketball either. It looked to me like we had a taller group and it worked pretty good against UVA I don't know how it would work against ND and others.
  9. UVA

    Probably need other line ups, on occasions, because other teams have different line ups.
  10. Pitt - 1/6

    I lost it for us. I started listening when we were behind by three. After that it went down fast. O me
  11. Les Miles Met w/ Ted Roof in January

    We were not great but I believe our D did well enough to win a majority of our games last year. And that is not something that can be said for quiet a while now. Just my 2 cents
  12. What is

    The news with BUZZ PRESTON
  13. Radio show

  14. Radio show

    Is it tonight at 7
  15. Vad Lee, Reggie Ball potentially successful at Tech?

    Don't kill me for this and I am not saying we should go back but I believe at the time that Chan with his last recruiting class (The one that CPJ did so well with) was on the verge of becoming that coach that could stay with Tech forever. Just my two cents worth.
  16. Everyone Please Read This

    So true. We are what WE ARE. No team Has ever done more with less than Tech even BOBBY DODD
  17. Everyone Please Read This

    Been a GT fan since the early fifties. Tech has over the years won more that they were supposed to win and lost less than we were supposed to loose. As a Tech fan I have learned to be thankful for the wins and not loose my sense of the fact that life goes on anyway when we loose. I told a...