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  1. sweeper

    Chris Martin has left the team

    Clearly a short term loss for the team but hopefully a long term success for Chris and the program. This is another example of what Tech is selling - education with football, graduation, and competitive employment with 40 yrs of success. Best of luck to this young man
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    #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Yep, Curry caught ducking into the trash 🙄. On the other hand, right guard got two blocks and did a nice job
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    ACC Opponent Nickname Thread

  4. sweeper

    Mark Richt at GT

    He’s orange. He’s trash
  5. sweeper

    First Above The Line Depth Chart Released

    Kelly Q said something about Dolphus missing significant fall camp because of injury. Don’t freak.
  6. sweeper

    Your Favorite Player that No One Talked About

    Tony Hollings. Wow!! What could’ve been. Buried on the defensive depth chart until he asked to play running back. Loved it every time he touched the ball...
  7. sweeper

    What's the loudest you've ever heard Bobby Dodd Stadium?

    VT at GT 2009 was beyond crazy and loud. Would donate a kidney to feel that at least once every year. Clemson at GT 1984. Sitting in north end zone bleacher seats with trash and cups raining out of the stands onto the field. Insane down there. Was a high school senior visiting that wknd...
  8. sweeper

    Potential Head Coach Hires

    Who would Collins bring in as the offensive coordinator? Friedgen?????? Bring back the buffet!!!
  9. sweeper

    New weight room ???

    Don’t think you can directly connect seating to the west stands because of building code issues. To do that would be to “renovate” the west stands which would mean coming up to current code for that entire structure.
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    Athletic Dept asked band not to play on 3rd down

    Can the band really help or hurt? Remember the apparent effect the ND band had on our offense at South Bend last year? They played basically until the ball was snapped on every one of our offensive plays. It seemed to contribute significantly to the difficulty getting our plays called. Damn...
  11. sweeper

    GT/Clem attendance

    4 in Tech Terrace. Good food and free beer
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    Jersey question

    Before the game yesterday, took the kids to the bookstore to get jerseys. Worker there said all they had were the white jerseys on that front table. None looking like the current jersey and certainly no gold or navy colors. She then said no others would be in for 2-3 MONTHS and that I would...
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    X's and O's goodness (4-2-5 base D)

    The wolf says hey...
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    Hey, did you graduate as a Chem E in 1990? If so, I did as well. Was wondering who you were

    Hey, did you graduate as a Chem E in 1990? If so, I did as well. Was wondering who you were
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    Harrell Transferring to Florida

    Hard to not lose sight of the big picture. Here is a player that contributed on the football field, overcame an injury in the process, and most importantly graduated with a degree from Tech in 4 yrs. That's why you go to school. To get an education. Congratulations Anthony! If he can go to...
  16. sweeper

    GT Special Teams Versus MSU

    Thanks but come on- UGAg 4 53 GGGGGGGGGGGGG
  17. sweeper

    Looking Ahead - WR

    Don't undervalue this position on the team as it is as integral a component to the off as any other piece, and appears to be necessary for our off to achieve that "next level." I completely agree with the OP observation that Smelter bailed us out a number of times just like D. Thomas did for...
  18. sweeper

    Buzz Memories

    We were at the Miami game. He was the little guy between the refs.
  19. sweeper

    Buzz Memories

    Sorry, not Dodd. But mom did hang out around the stadium yrs ago. Hmmmmm...
  20. sweeper

    Buzz Memories

    I have to agree with the posts above. My 12 yo son was the coin toss kid. Not only was it a first class job by the Tech staff organizing Buzz Memories, it was really an event he will never forget. As the parent, I was on the sideline at the bench when the team took the field, and he was...