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  1. Youngjacket

    2021 Baseball Ticket Exchange

    Looking for 2 or 3 tickets for the Sunday March 7th game against Louisville. Willing to pay a more than fair price
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    Cornelius Evans

  3. Youngjacket

    11/2 Faulkner Game Thread

    Jackson’s in the game
  4. Youngjacket

    Here's the latest College Football Coaches Hotseat

    I don’t agree with David Beaty being up there. He’s getting Kansas going in the right direction, he just needs 1-2 more years
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  6. Youngjacket

    Betting thread

    Bet you wish you would've took the under now, huh?
  7. Youngjacket

    Chick-fil-a Kickoff Tickets Thread

    I'm looking for 3 seats down in the lower part of the stadium
  8. Youngjacket

    Just renewed my season tickets for 2017

    From what I heard, they won't be
  9. Youngjacket

    GT Faces Indiana in the NIT

    I gagged
  10. Youngjacket

    GT Faces Indiana in the NIT

    There's a large amount of IU fans here
  11. Youngjacket

    Postseason Chances? Breakdown of the bubble teams
  12. Youngjacket

    NSD at GT

  13. Youngjacket

    Which Freshmen do you think will play? Start?

    I believe I read somewhere that Tre said the staff wants to redshirt him
  14. Youngjacket

    Rothstein . . .

    About damn time
  15. Youngjacket

    @NC State

    No one can win in Durham, it's ok
  16. Youngjacket

    Pastner with Hip-Hop Stars

    Yung Thug is a big time Atlanta Rapper. Kid Ink was big 6 years ago.
  17. Youngjacket

    Why do we stay with Russell Athletic?

    So what you're saying is that GSU is a bigger, more well known school in sports and Academics in Georgia and the nation than Tech?
  18. Youngjacket

    Clemson Ticket Exchange

    Need 3 for less than 75