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  1. wingsrlevel

    ProJackets Update

    Laskey signed to practice squad. Below is a list of the players, who each cleared waivers in order to be signed to the practice squad. Isaiah Battle | OT | Clemson Malcolm Brown | RB | Texas Christian Bryant | S | Ohio State Justice Cunningham | TE | South Carolina Jacob Hagen | S | Liberty...
  2. wingsrlevel

    Red Shirt vs Playing as True Freshman

    I agree with AE 87. The O line was much better the second half of the year. JT, Erin Joe along with Burden improved drastically after the UNC game. Numbers would indicate that ZL was a little more athletic and quicker than SD and just about as strong (21-19 reps) Considering ZL probably...
  3. wingsrlevel

    DJ White

    What a great interview. You have to be proud of the student athlete that represents GT. Congrats DJ White. Go Jackets!
  4. wingsrlevel

    Laskey update

    No this isn't the same shoulder that was injured a couple years ago.
  5. wingsrlevel

    Ride the Playmakers

    what you lose with days is speed option and passing plays using the BB.
  6. wingsrlevel

    GT depth chart for Pitt

    is Gotsis hurt?
  7. wingsrlevel

    Film Study - Offense vs UNC

    one cut and running down hill...just what you want in a BB.
  8. wingsrlevel

    If Nick Chubb can play as a freshman Why can't Leggett

    every other site says that if Laskey can't go it will be Days.
  9. wingsrlevel

    Redshirt Report

    Eric, just curious, do you watch practice?
  10. wingsrlevel

    On, Leggett: Eric, do you think....

    must be talent.
  11. wingsrlevel

    is it time Auburn & Tech renew their rivalry

    I can't think of one reason why we shouldn't play Auburn. It would bring excitement back into the fan base (at least ours) and be good for the ACC.
  12. wingsrlevel

    On, Leggett: Eric, do you think....

    and it doesn't get said any better that this....THANK YOU!
  13. wingsrlevel

    On, Leggett: Eric, do you think....

    next year will work itself out. Davis may come in here and be the starter. Time will tell.
  14. wingsrlevel

    On, Leggett: Eric, do you think....

    Looks like he hasn't earned the right to play. This isn't a every guy gets a trophy league. Reality sucks and that reality is Connors gives us a better chance to win. This is from PJ who sees these guys every day.
  15. wingsrlevel

    Wednesday injury update

    it it was his hip I believe
  16. wingsrlevel

    On, Leggett: Eric, do you think....

    always is at GT (:
  17. wingsrlevel

    On, Leggett: Eric, do you think....

    Maybe he does know the playbook and he just isn't better than Connors. Sounds like they tried to hand him the back up job this year and he couldn't take it for whatever reason.
  18. wingsrlevel

    CPJ extension

    Most schools do this. Difference is that these 2 majors at GT still require many hours of study and work to be successful. Why would some stud DT want to come here and work when he can go to a factory school and just play football and still get a degree handed to him.
  19. wingsrlevel

    Wednesday injury update

    It was obvious after Duke...we need Chamberlain.