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  1. Megatron is IN TNFLHOF

    They never sell any of the awesome stuff. I'm still waiting on em to prove me wrong.
  2. Preseason Depth Chart Thoughts

    Agreed here. He's year 3/"redshirt freshman", but I expect him to be taking some names this year after two years of S&C.
  3. NC State - ACC Weekend #1

    I don’t think with a 7 run cushion.
  4. Ryan Johnson needs to...

    I mean, I get your drift and angle, but why play the game if you tell yourself preseason let's just hope to be 6-6?
  5. Syracuse @ Georgia Tech, Saturday February 27th @ 12pm

    Thank gawd. I can actually watch one while in Stockbridge, *Georgia*.
  6. Kaleb Oliver in the portal

    Yea that was ridiculous.
  7. Kaleb Oliver in the portal

    I'm thinking he probably wanted to be out there more than he was. Derrik Allen seemed like the third guy after Riq and Juanyeh by the end of year.
  8. Transfer Kicker - Brent Cimaglia

    I think they're still there but never were on scholarship to begin with?
  9. Transfer Kicker - Brent Cimaglia

    True, good call. I didn't realize his first year he played that much.
  10. Transfer Kicker - Brent Cimaglia

    2 if he wanted.
  11. Transfer Kicker - Brent Cimaglia

    Correct. His elevation won't be an issue so if we still have problems put some guys out there that will block.
  12. GT Home Against Pittsburgh, Sunday February 14th @ 4pm

    Have to slow down Justin.
  13. Who Is The Worst College Basketball Referee Ever And Why Is it Ted Valentine?

    I'd say Ted 1 and Hess 2. In the 2004 uga game in athens, Ted let Jonas Hayes play football for 40 minutes on Luke.
  14. CPJ Tweet

    Option. For the next 100 years. 😅
  15. Your First GT QB

    98-2000 was my first stretch with season tickets and remembering really well. So Joe Ham for sure. At the time, I got spoiled by the 3 IAR against uga and was delusionally thinking we'd be about 50/50 with them going forward. Oops.
  16. CPJ Tweet

    He can say what he wants. However, it is a bit humorous that it seems every few months when he pops a defensive tweet he drops the "I don't usually care but yet here I am caring" spill often. Just flat out admit it annoys you.
  17. New Movies

    The Little Things was pretty solid.
  18. COVID-19 Fall Spread

    I truthfully don't think an elevator ride with someone else is that risky if you're both masked. I have had to do it every day for months. Is it possible to catch it that way? I'm sure, but it doesn't nearly meet the 15 minute threshold described as the risky exposure.
  19. GTWBB

    Nell on wheels!!