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  1. ACC POY - Who is it?

    That was from Feb 20 before Moses went on his run and before Hurt really got into his run. At that time I think Champagnie being the favorite was more a commentary of nobody else really standing out, although at the time I would have argued for Jose. Since then Moses is averaging 25 and 13 on...
  2. ACC POY - Who is it?

    I think this argument would hold more water if the competition was from FSU or UVA. But it's not. No way Hurt or Champagnie should have more positive press, and Jones is on a team that's played 4 games in the past month+. How is he building coverage when he isn't playing?
  3. Coaching Carousel 6 - You can't make everyone happy. You are not bacon.

    Here's the thing though. How relevant is Brey's success in the early 2000s big east? A comparison I would make is our own Bobby Cremins. I don't think it's possible to not love Bobby Cremins and he had tremendous success here. But does anyone really think that he was still the right guy by...
  4. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Take this with a grain of salt but on reddit there is a guy who keeps track of odds for teams to finish with certain seeds. Our highest was 55% for a 4 seed which would give us a double bye.
  5. Moses Wright

    Please don't make me take a side against moses wright. Please don't. He's been phenomenal for us this year but he losses that comparison to Duncan. Both as a junior and senior.
  6. Coaching Carousel 6 - You can't make everyone happy. You are not bacon.

    My thoughts are impressions change over time. Mike Brey when ND was in the big east made the NCAA 9 times and still made the NIT in his 4 down years. Personally I view performance in a single elimination tournament as a boost to coaches who manage to do it but not something I really hold...
  7. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    You're right that the Duke game was our worst in the 5 game stretch. But I think it makes the opposite point you're trying to make. We were playing with an obviously gimped Jose. For most of the year if Jose didn't play well we lost and often by a significant margin. I think it speaks to the...
  8. ACC POY - Who is it?

    My take is that Hurt is the most talented scorer in the conference by a good margin but doesn't impact the game enough in other areas compared to the others. Champagnie has had a great year, is a great all around player, but his team has struggled so much and his offense while still working...
  9. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Well yeah, but being good and being hot aren't the same thing. One is a measure of quality and the other of momentum. Bad teams can get hot. Good teams can have a cold streak. Some times teams can ride a hot streak into overall improvement. Sometimes it simply is a flash in the pan and...
  10. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    Since halftime of the ND game we're hot. There really shouldn't be any dispute over that. The issue that what we consider hot isn't hot for Gonzaga, Baylor, or Michigan. Our 5 game winning streak is awesome, and for our program particularly noteworthy. Here is Gonzaga's opening schedule...
  11. Bracketology - Let's Do This

    The further you can delay having to play the 1 seeds the more chances there are that someone knocks them off before you play them. Same thing with a #2. So the seed that we can most likely get that pushes those games off is an 11 seed. If we were winning the #2 would have to win 2 games...
  12. Current ACC Statistical Leaders

    As we head into the final weekend I wanted to put a stats watch together for Moses Wright. Moses is currently top 5 in points, rebounds, and steals, while being 6th in blocks. Last player to be top 5 in all 4 of those categories I believe was Josh Howard back in 02-03. I wrote a lot about...
  13. Remarkable Stat from Andy Demetra

    There are many ways to build a strong team but to me the piece we are missing is Jay Huff. Great defensive big, efficient offensively who can drag defenders away from the rim to leave the paint open for Moses.
  14. A comparison of conference schedules

    If i redid it I was going to go with a 2-5-5-3 group because I do think ND and Pitt are a step above the other bottom 3 but Cuse, Duke, and NCSU are below the other group B because of the losses to group c. So I'd group those 5 together and have 4 groups. But ill probably just wait to redo it...
  15. Remarkable Stat from Andy Demetra

    We don't. We didn't play them last year. We didn't play them 3 years ago. We didn't play them 5 years ago. There will of course occasionally be a pair of years where we either go @Duke then h&h or h&h then at duke.
  16. A comparison of conference schedules

    That is true. I made this post in response to thinking about ACCT seedings and how they were affected by conference schedules so I wasn't really thinking about Q1 and Q2 wins for the sake of the NCAAT.
  17. A comparison of conference schedules

    So I decided to try and somewhat quantify the difference in conference schedules this year. I decided to break the ACC into 3 groups. Group A was FSU and UVA. Group C was Pitt, ND, Wake, Miami, and BC and Group B was the rest. It's not a perfect breakdown as ND and Pitt are significantly...
  18. ACC Discussion 2020-21

    One thing I hope is that I hope Mike Young doesn't win ACC CotY. I expect him to, and think he's done a great job, but it won't feel right to me to reward not playing a third of your games, many of them being the more challenging games. Even if it isn't in his control. I'm not even arguing...
  19. Moses Wright

    I get the feeling he's always had that confidence. This year he's justifying it
  20. Thank You Seniors

    Man, I really wish they would have gotten the packed arena they deserved for a sendoff. It is going to be super weird taking the court without them next year if they do leave.