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  1. Preseason Depth Chart Thoughts

    SDE- Keion White DT - TK Chimedza DT - Dijon Brooks WDE- Jordan Domineck LB - Ayinde Eley LB - Quez Jackson NB - Tre Swilling/ Jordan Huff CB - Kenyatta Watson/ Miles Sims CB - Zamari Walton/ Miles Brooks
  2. Coaches Tweets

    Something is brewing.
  3. Jeff Sims Film Review

    Beautiful analysis. When people say he’s not progressing I have to ignore because their football acumen probably isn’t high. He’s played some serious defenses all year as a TRUE Freshman...
  4. Clemson’s Dline

    They just deserve a I rewatched the game. Wow. I think that maybe the best defensive line ever in cfb when it’s all said and done. Clemson recruited 3 of the 5 top defensive linemen last class and it shows. What I’m saying is they are starting 2 freshmen and a sophomore on that line. They were...
  5. Georgia Geography

    When did Columbus become South Georgia?
  6. Hometeam & Hamilton

    9am - 11am on 680 the Fan. What I’ll be listening to. Hometeam needs to hit the gym.
  7. Great Perspective (Free Rivals Article)
  8. I love what Collins is doing.

    The media should be all over what’s been going on at GT. Whether it’s voting, social justice, to mental health & beyond this program gets it. I’m gonna big you up. I love everything he’s doing with this program.
  9. Salute to the Coaches.

    1. Lew Caralla The guys looked physically bigger and played like it. The announcers (while kissing FSU rays) even made notice of how physically impressive the WR core was. Obviously the weight gain was not bad weight as Ryans gained 20lbs and was just dominant. 2. Keys I don’t think FSU’s NFL...