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  1. DMo to SC

    Guess now DMO and A. Brown can adjust to life as a Gamecock at the same time. Wishing them both great amounts of success especially when they line up across from uga
  2. GT loses 3 assistant strength coaches (per ajc)

  3. GT loses 3 assistant strength coaches (per ajc)

    Is interesting to see the turnover of staff during the odd season. Looks like we are in midst of turn over in the strength coaching staff. Wonder if these positions are being replaced or are we reworking our budget for a bigger name within that department to work alongside of the head strength...
  4. Edits: players likeness

    Who has the copyrights? Who gets to decide if the player is able to advertise for a specific product while using GT Logo?
  5. Edits: players likeness

    I was curious about all the edits and characters that have been made in the “players likeness”. The edits/graphics were a HUGE feature in signing day today. My question is who owns the rights to these edits/characters? The company who made them? Do we pay on going fees for the use of the...
  6. Any room for more transfers?

    According to Kelly Q. “Geoff Collins said there are more guys they are working on for this week and more that they could add before next NSD and this spring via transfer or HS routes.” Hopefully the TE out of LSU!
  7. Any room for more transfers?

    Could you all provide some insight to your response? What is the deadline to enter the transfer portal for this season?
  8. Any room for more transfers?

    Is there anymore room to pick up another transfer or two from the portal? Not sure how much more space we have left to bring in more mature and game day ready players from other teams to help establish quality backups who have mature college ready builds and game day reps. If we do have...
  9. Who returns/leaves?

    Is J. Thomas coming back next year?
  10. Week 3 Media #GTvsCUSE

    According to the ATL list it appears that Mason isn’t going to play against Cuse either. However D. Brooks is listed so it’s good to get him back.
  11. Weather Delay #GTvsFSU - New Kickoff Time 4pm ET

    When did we lose these players? Just before game time? Or did they even make the trip to tally?
  12. Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    Hard to believe that you can convince yourself that you can delay debut of a freshly painted and turfed football field in downtown Atlanta w/o the press showing pictures of it to the general public by simply flying a press chopper or drone over the field and getting some footage of it. Must have...
  13. Jamie Newmann opts out.

    What if J. Fields decides to come back? Won’t that discredit his previous sightings of it being a racially hostile environment to play football or attend school? Hence him getting cleared By the NCAA and declared immediately eligible to play at OSU last year. Correct? I mention this because I...
  14. #GTCamp20 Coverage

    Is it just me or has some of the nuances of speaking about individual players changed a little bit since last year? It seems like the word “starter” has been used several times when various coaches are talking about certain positions where as last year it was almost unheard or even balked at...
  15. Vintage GT Hat

    Found this vintage GT hat at a house we’re renting in St. Simons. Would love to know just how old this hat might be. Would be a awesome GT hat to replicate.
  16. Zoom video with freshmen

    Makes sense. I thought it may have been just me.
  17. Zoom video with freshmen

    Where was Gibbs? I don’t believe that I saw him on the call or at least he wasn’t televised which is weird considering what a highly valued recruit he is/was to the class. Was he doing a extended personalized workout with Choice prior to or following the call?
  18. NCAA Allows Players to Get Paid

    I really wonder how this will impact the coach vs player relationship. What type of rules can the coach enforce upon then players if it is restricting the players’ opportunities to profit from their name, image, or likeness? For instance practice, study hall, strength training sessions. Coach...
  19. Submitted a signed letter of intent!

    3 hats on the table for Gibbs announcement. GT LSU UF. I didn’t even know LSU was a contender as of late.