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  1. Kaleb Oliver in the portal

    This one is disappointing. He's a good player.
  2. GT @ Clemson, Friday February 12th @ 8pm (ACCN)

    I'm not really sure why everyone is assuming Jose makes that layup with Simms right behind him. There is no reason for all the seniors to come back. Maybe one of them does. If they really wanted to play another year of college, it'd probably make more sense to grad transfer to a place that's a...
  3. GT @ Clemson, Friday February 12th @ 8pm (ACCN)

    When many of those top 150 players are freshman, you can't expect much. Hard to not lose your sh*t with our long streak of missing the tournament.
  4. GT @ Clemson, Friday February 12th @ 8pm (ACCN)

    Pastner isn't a bad coach, but this is the best team we are going to have for a few years and they won't make the tournament. Hard to see a path where he doesn't get fired.
  5. uga @ Tech for 2021 COFH

    Speaking of ducking, I've in the last couple years felt we really should find a way to stop playing UGA yearly. Negative outweighs the positives for us. When we win 1 out of 3/4 years it's great. But the years we lose sucks. Game doesn't help with recruiting or fan morale. And with Clemson being...
  6. Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    Yes. Significant portion of the roster are going to be Collins' guys or guys they wanted to keep. Not expecting an undefeated season but should be competitive with everyone besides Clemson, UGA and ND.
  7. Any room for more transfers?

    We definitely recruited Roache last year from Temple. Collins was only there for a couple years and there aren't that many temple players that would definitely start for us or are from the Atlanta area.
  8. GT vs. Georgia St.

    Every year we struggle to win as many non conference games as needed to be a tourney team. Hopefully we just ran into a good Ga State team and the loss doesn't look bad over time.
  9. Defense regression

    When your head coach is a defensive guy, he's as responsible as anyone for the issues of the defense. He may not call plays, but he's has a lot of input throughout the week.
  10. Defense regression

    When we turn the ball over, we lose. When we don't, we can compete.
  11. Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    There probably isn't an example of a team winning a game being -4 in the turnover margin in the last few seasons. Get that fixed and we can be competitive. Injuries suck but they had guys out too.