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  1. O-line vs VT

    Oliver will get a lot of well deserved press, but watching our O-line last night was a thing of beauty. I don’t recall ever seeing so many DL driven into the dirt. Whatever they tweaked in the scheme absolutely worked. Fantastic job by the big guys up front.
  2. Recruiting relationships

    It seems like much of the long term recruiting success is about the relationships built between HS coaching staffs and the GT staff. So how does a situation like C'Bo's recruitment effect that relationship between staffs going forward? Any of our HS coaches or insiders have an opinion?
  3. Special Teams

    Who coaches our Special Teams? Very few programs have a specialized ST coach. It's almost always done by a position coach. So which one of our coaches is responsible for coaching the product we're seeing this year?
  4. Linebacker play

    What is going on with our LBs? Roof is said to be coaching this group and they seem to be regressing. Mitchell is having an awful year and PJ isn't doing much. Alford hasn't done much. Vic and Tre have gotten some snaps but no real meaningful playing time yet. Any of our former players on here...
  5. Blocking schemes

    I'd love to read a good explanation of our OL blocking schemes vs the zone blocking schemes used by many spread teams. Our scheme appears much more complicated vs the zone blocking many teams use, and I think might help explain some of the difficulties of mastering our offense. Anyone with good...
  6. Missing post

    I see that CuseJacket has been posting a lot over on the 2016 recruiting page but I cannot see his post. Does anyone else have this problem? Solutions? Thanks
  7. Blocking coordination

    I'm curious if anyone who has played in this system, has coached this system, or has a child in this system, could shed some light on blocking coordination. How much do our AB's, OL, and WR's communicate at the line about assignments? I've seen a lot of what looks like miscommunication on...
  8. Freshman...

    our senior class is mercifully almost done. A very underperforming group this year. It's given our Freshmen wide open door though. How did they look last night? I saw some good hustle out of C-H and Mitchell. What did others see from our future starters?
  9. Pelton

    Our D-Line coach seems very well liked by the players and highly thought of as a recruiter. He developed a few NFL players along the way but so far the product here seems underwhelming. He was brought here by Roof after working together at AU. The defense there pretty much stunk with top level...