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    Clemson Post-game Thread

    I hadn’t realized 2 nd quarter was 35-0. Yikes
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    Starting QB speculation

    Whoever the QB is…we need to establish the run first. We have a stable of great backs, establishing that threat will make it much easier to pass.
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    Scholarship Slots remaining

    Yes. Some coaches have argued it should be a 4 year. Would make offering scholarships much more interesting.
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    54, 60, 48, 44, 51

    If only we played like a team with those averages, everyone would understand! Our current FPI rating is 112. To put in perspective… 110 - Georgia State 111 - UL Monroe 112 - Georgia Tech 113 - Charlotte 114 - C Carolina I am quite sure we recruited better than this group…coaching however…not...
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    Georgia vs. Georgia Tech Predictions #UGAvsGT

    49-17…they take the starters out early to rest for LSU and we get a late score to make it a bit more respectable.
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    I hate to say it

    Yep. This is much better!! Good call.
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    Georgia Tech (+16.5) vs. Virginia

    I totally understand! Best of luck anyway and thanks for the clarification of me not being the a-hole :)
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    Georgia Tech (+16.5) vs. Virginia

    Thank you for your thoughts. No disagreements from me. I think y’all have a good coach and a bright future. Do you mind sharing your brothers team info? It’s fun to follow. Good luck in the playoffs and kudos for making it in year 1.
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    Georgia Tech (+16.5) vs. Virginia

    what’s your take on the line? Also, how’s the (brother?) football team doing?
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    How strong is the ACC relative to other conferences this year?

    Well South Carolina can also beat the SEC best. Ask Georgia. North Carolina beat them…so any given day…doesn’t say much about conference strength to me. ‍♂️
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    Explain to me why the ACC always struggle out of conference especially early on every year?

    Virginia didn’t look like world beaters, but they did win. I think they are a good team. Will be interesting to see how they do against Notre Dame next week.
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    Bill Curry's Thoughts

    You have quickly become my favorite post to read here. You say what I am thinking (but more eloquently). Please post more often, we need the dose of sanity!!
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    Attendance Predictions #USFvsGT

    Attendance announced: 46,599
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    Hey boys, you guys might enjoy this (you might not)

    How exciting!! Good luck to your brother. Happy you are back discussing football with us. My coaching advice: I love your play sets as others have said the blocking will be key. The plays you listed are a good long-term goal. I would focus on about 10 plays that everyone can run correctly. Too...
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    1990 National Champs vs This year schedule?

    I think current Clemson would beat us and one other slip up during the year possibly Georgia, but our 1990 team was on a roll at the end of the year. More likely a mid year out of nowhere loss. That team had a few close calls…21-19 vs unranked Clemson…13-13 tie vs unranked NC and an ugly 6-3 vs...
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    1990 National Champs vs This year schedule?

    The college game has changed a lot since 1990. Instead of focus on strength and power, speed and precision rule today. How would our National Championship 1990 team do vs our schedule this year? What would our record be? My guess 10-2. What say you?
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    Paul Johnson visiting the Ravens today

    There is a difference between a difficult schedule because we play tough teams and a difficult schedule because teams we play get a timely bye right before us. So yes, it’s a difficult schedule this year because of the teams we play. You are, however, kidding yourself if you think that the...
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    Paul Johnson visiting the Ravens today

    I do believe the scheduling of bye weeks by our opponents WAS intentional. Teams wanted an extra week to prep for an unusual offense and, when possible, the ACC gave in. Do you believe it’s just a coincidence that as soon as we change offenses we got a good schedule? Related question, would...
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    S&P 2019 season projections

    I hope you are correct. It would give us the best chance to win.
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    Ignore button

    So…we don’t want to talk about Key and rumors so much so that we start a thread to talk about how much we don’t want to talk about it. Solid logic!!!