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  1. Good news

    The Guru is available. Bring him back, Geoff! Just kidding!
  2. Justice Dingle in the portal

    The hits keep coming. I guess he's either going to land at Kentucky or somewhere else loser to home. I wish him well. We need to somehow land at least 3 DTs this cycle.
  3. Cutting scholarship players

    Oooooh, that's SEC level dirty. ASU cannot comment but this isn't a good look. They dropped a TE recruit's scholarship offer today as well.
  4. Redshirts Burned

    Has anyone put together a list of freshmen who have played the maximum four games? Right now I assume Juanyeh has played in all the games and Quez Jackson might have as well. I know there are others who have played in one or two games, but not all of them.
  5. MJ Hanging up the cleats Best of luck to Matthew. I was looking forward to seeing more of him this year, but injuries set him back. Lets send this senior class and MJ out with a victory! THWG