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  1. May be wrong Forum

    I can't get the Hive. Is it me or are they gone?
  2. Basketball

    I,m sorry I should know. Could some one tell me what grade is each of our player ?. Lammers etc.
  3. scores

    Where can I get basketball scores? Link
  4. What is

    The news with BUZZ PRESTON
  5. Radio show

    Is it tonight at 7
  6. Might have already been posted

    Has the list of radio stations that will carry the football games been posted yet. If anyone knows what it is. I would appreciate it if you could share them.
  7. What station is Metal of Honor bowl on

    number appreciated
  8. Would you say I am correct

    in saying that our bend but don't break D worked pretty good last night. Almost to perfection. Of course the main reason it did is because we were able to put enough pressure on at the right time to keep them honest and get an occasional turn over. What are your thoughts?
  9. What do you think

    Since Tech is now America's team because FSU is so hated. If Tech wins with a comfortable margin. Will the fact that everybody is pulling for us to win have any influence on the committee to include us if things fall our way with the loss of other teams such as Baylor, Ohio State etc. What do...
  10. What time today

    Will we get update from playoff selection committee?
  11. This might have been discussed

    Does Butkner kick ball short at times on purpose or does he just not get a good kick. My concern is that we are in danger of giving up a big play when he does. Does anyone know?
  12. just watched

    most of VT and Miami games and even though there were breakdowns on D there were some very good plays made. I am not saying D is great or even good by no means but they do show a lot of heart and that is encouraging to me as a fan. I believe it also shows the players have bought into what their...
  13. Question

    Do we have the personal at our level to go all out like the Redskins did against Dallas and succeed as they did. I know we are talking about a different level but they were very successful at what they did. Just a thought.
  14. Wofford

    Sorry I forgot who will be telecasting game.
  15. All I can say is thanks,

    to all of you. It is so good to have real football talk on this board which has not been my experience on all the other boards. Thanks again,
  16. May have missed it but

    What time is Clemson game?
  17. I know there must be mixeup

    Announced on 106.7 a minit ago pre game 3:00 p.m. and kick off 5:oo p.m. If not 7:00 p.m. please let me know. Thanks
  18. Not get to be at practice

    Those who are there. Please keep us up to date on Vad and others. especially injury wise. Thanks