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  1. How many Tech games have you attended

    Since 1988 I have attended all of the home and away game except for maybe 3 or 4 games
  2. Gaaame Daaaay

    What station is it broadcasted
  3. Tyler Davis Drafted

    Tyler Davis on the NFL Draft web pages is reflected from Connecticut not Georgia Tech
  4. Ticket exchange

    I need two tickets to the Georgia Tech vs. Kennesaw State Owls Friday, December 28⋅4:00pm please IM me
  5. Wofford Roll Call

    I will be seated wirh my wife on the 50 yard line in the club section 3 rows from the top
  6. Away fan attendance

    My wife and I have been to all away games sine 1988 except for a few deaths and weddings in the family. We go to UGA every other year and don't have problems. of course I don't try to bait them or take their bait. Every team has unruly fans even Georgia Tech but UGA has the most unruly fans.
  7. Season tickets

    Got this email today 08/07/2014 "Your 2014 Georgia Tech football season ticket package is being shipped to you via UPS. Your package will leave our ticket printer on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 and be shipped to the following address"
  8. How many people do you think will be there Friday?

    Got my e-mail yesterday
  9. Justin Thomas 2013 highlights

    Watch it on you-tube
  10. Tech Fund Donations for Season Tickets

    The Charitable is just the Tech Fund. You cannot deduct the tickets unless you are a buisness as a marketing expense
  11. LP Field Parking Map

    Any news on what the parking fees for the various lots. Also any parking lot in particular that Georgia Tech is going to congregate
  12. Syracuse @ Georgia Tech game thread

    Noticed that Harrell was playing primarily with 1st team defense and Hunt-Days was playing with the second unit defense later in the game
  13. Depth Chart

    Noticed at the Syracuse game today that Days (32) middle LB played primarily with the second team defense and #51 (Harrell) played with the first team defense and played quite well.