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  1. Jacket Bracket

    1990 National Champs vs This year schedule?

    The college game has changed a lot since 1990. Instead of focus on strength and power, speed and precision rule today. How would our National Championship 1990 team do vs our schedule this year? What would our record be? My guess 10-2. What say you?
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    PAC 12 upset about large number of night games The opposite problem that we have! I wonder if we had all night games, would we start complaining about late getting home, not having our game results and...
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    Would you rather…

    Just curious what others think of this. Would you rather win the NIT championship or make the NCAA tournament and lose in the first round? As for me I'll take the NIT championship. Extra games and end the year feeling really good about our future. What say you?
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    Bring back the Black Watch?

    I saw this discussion happening in another (recruiting) thread. What say you guys? Would you want us to bring it back? If so, how would you implement it under the current uniform rules? My take: bring it back!! It gave us a lot of publicity, was fun and most importantly a defensive playing...
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    Football Camps

    So as we are now into the long Summer wait for Fall and return to football games, I thought you guys might enjoy some insite into the different football camps. My son will be a Sophmore in HS next year and will be attending several camps. Right now he is scheduled for GT (June 6th) Clemson...
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    UGA kicker boating under the Influence

    So, will he kick in the Clemson game?
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    Starting up the Black Watch D part 2?

    Ted Roof was a member of "the Black Watch" Defense at GT. I think it would be great to see him start it back up. Could be a good recruiting tool and a way to connect with good times past. What say you guys? Any chance this could happen?