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  1. Emmanuel Johnson has Entered the Portal

    I’d be surprised if we’re pushing guys to move on after being here for only several months. Processing is usually for dudes that have been somewhere 2-3 years and it’s clear they aren’t going to be a contributor.
  2. Any room for more transfers?

    if that’s the case, I’d count on another 3-5 leaving in the Spring, so we could see 5-7 more guys added.
  3. Cochran playing for GT in 2021 season

    Williams was a true freshman with limited camp. Expect a huge jump to his sophomore year. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t start. Quinney is maxed out.
  4. Cochran playing for GT in 2021 season

    Oh he fits. This is big time news!
  5. Team's Biggest Failure

    I think that’s a pretty standard characteristic for a young and inexperienced team.
  6. Ahmarean brown has entered the transfer portal

    He didn’t show much YAC ability but he was a hell of a deep threat. Unfortunately that’s where Sims really struggled this season. Really bummed to see him go. At least we have a couple of really talented guys coming in at the position.
  7. NC State Postgame

    If you’re Yates you might as well finish your GT degree then transfer out to a smaller school where you can play and get a free masters (or just start your career if you don’t care to play anymore). Tucker should hang around. If Sims doesn’t take a step forward you or even Perry can win the job...
  8. How many people will return?

    Id expect most Seniors to move on like they would have, but I could be wrong. Most don’t have a future in football and are probably ready to get on to their next step.
  9. ATL Chart For Duke

    Brown, Griffin and Knight hurt? Would love to see what Meiguez can do at MLB.
  10. Is 3 weeks enough? or to much?

    Diaz also saying Miami was on the verge of not playing the past two weeks (11-12 players out). Going to get harder from here on out. For the first 6 months of the pandemic I knew 1 person who had it. In the last month I know 9.
  11. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    Based on the results, you’re going to have to supply some refuting evidence.
  12. BC Post Game Melt Down Thread

    CGC is a salesman. Nothing more, nothing less. Combine that with having poor or inexperienced coordinators; it’s going to be rough.
  13. Clemson Post-game Thread

    CGC smashing records!
  14. Clayton had 2 sacks ?

    He was ok. He got a couple of garbage type sacks. Not really a disrupter by any means.
  15. Starting QB speculation

    I’d be ok with more Smith carries at the expense of a couple of Gibbs carries if we got Gibbs more touches in the passing game. Smith hits the hole so quickly. To be fair, I think we called a few more passes to Gibbs and the plays got blown up before they developed. I want him in the slot some...
  16. Starting QB speculation

    Also need Gibbs on the field more. I’m all for rotating backs and carries, but Gibbs is special. Even if he’s not getting the carry he needs to be out there as a receiver. Will be interesting to see the participation report, I’d guess he was on the field for less than half the snaps. It was a...
  17. Starting QB speculation

    Can’t believe we’re still talking about Graham as a QB. If we’re going to give anyone else a shot this year it should be Gleason.
  18. #GTvsCUSE Postgame

    Pass rush is a problem, but I think it’s definitely below being able to kick an extra point, committing 15 penalties and turning the ball over 5 times.
  19. #GTvsCUSE Postgame

    Safeties looks like Tarzan play like Jane.