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  1. Southpawmac

    NC State - ACC Weekend #1

    New Uniforms debuting this weekend. Love the Wreck in motion logo.
  2. Southpawmac

    Ryan Johnson needs to...

    I find it rich as f*** when people call out players, especially when they’ve never set foot on Grant Field competitively in their life. Making comments like “Perhaps our players should focus on doing their jobs for three plays in a row...maybe not jumping offside once on every drive...etc.” and...
  3. Southpawmac


    Nothing like getting our asses handed to us by bottom teams in the conference.
  4. Southpawmac

    Mercer Bears Wednesday 1 PM

    Nice to see us beat down on an opponent we should beat down on.
  5. Southpawmac

    Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, Tues, Feb 23, 7pm, RSN/ACCNX

    Yeah you should be good. You should have gotten a "Connection Success" page in the app that shows the server and duration of the connection. It can time out after a while if you aren't actively using your phone. So just be sure to re-confirm that it's connected to the LA server before attempting...
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    Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, Tues, Feb 23, 7pm, RSN/ACCNX

    If you are using your phone and have a valid tv subscription, just download a free vpn app (VPN-Super Unlimited Proxy is the app that I use) and change your location to somewhere on the west coast like LA or Seattle. Those cities are out of market so the blackout rule does not apply. Once you...
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    Georgia Tech @ Miami, 12pm Saturday February 20th

    It’s blacked out because Sinclair has priced out every TV service. There’s a reason no TV provider has renewed a contract with them. Get a VPN and change you location to outside the blackout market you you can stream it on ESPN.
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    ACC Discussion 2020-21

    Expansion isn’t the reason people don’t go to the tournament anymore. Technological advancements are the main factor. Everyone has a HD TV in their home these days and can watch the entire tournament in the comfort of their home with views better than almost every person actually in the stadium.
  9. Southpawmac

    CPJ Tweet

    Don't post those! Those go against his narrative.
  10. Southpawmac

    UVA @ GT, 7pm ET, ACCNX

    Another chance to beat Virginia and they let it slip away in the last five minutes. Missed way to many open threes.
  11. Southpawmac

    ACC Discussion 2020-21

    The game should not have been postponed, it should have been forfeited by UNC. If your players are caught red handed ignoring the protocols and it results in the game not being played, it should be a loss. Quit rewarding teams with rest that break the rules and endanger the rest of the season.
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    Gt BB women vs wake Forrest at noon

    Tough pill to swallow losing to a team at home that you beat on the road by 29.
  13. Southpawmac

    ND @ GT 8pm est ACCn 2/6 [TONIGHT]

    That’s what frustrated me. There was a three second difference and they weren’t fouling. Jose could have easily taken it down to one second on the shot clock and put up a rainbow three. It either hits the rim and is a tough rebound with almost no time left, or it misses and you get a shot clock...
  14. Southpawmac

    GT Womens Tennis

    ITA Indoor Championships start today. No. 6 Jackets took the doubles point over No. 5 Pepperdine.
  15. Southpawmac


    Definitely thought we threw that one away when we let them go from 60-60 to 69-60. What a final stretch by the jackets. Really bad night at the FT line, but still pulled it out. Hopefully they can get some quality rest and come out fresh against WF and Louisville.
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    EA sports NCAA football game coming back

    EA SEC: It Just Means More Money
  17. Southpawmac

    EA sports NCAA football game coming back

    I would wait five years for them not to do this. Madden has been a** for years.
  18. Southpawmac

    2021 Schedule

    UNC at MBS is official.
  19. Southpawmac

    2021 Baseball Season

    New all golds in the style of the cream color.