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    Cornelius Evans

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    AJC's A-Back preview
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    CBS sports article on Techs CFP hopes via
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    Here's what a former B-back is up to

    Mods feel free to move the thread
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    AJC on Curry I think he's one of the few in the class no ones talking about but should imho
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    Players don't seem to worried about rankings

    Thought this was worth sharing. Good to see the players arent worried about where they're picked, kinda like CPJ
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    Ajc on Brad Morgan
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    FTRS secondary preview They did one of the better write ups I've seen them do on this one
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    FTRS preview of D-Line
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    AJC article on philpott
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    Preview of offense
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    WR preview by FTRS Another good preview
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    Previewing our backs Got some good stuff in there
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    New in 15: Sellers follows Sandy Creek
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    New in 15: 'North South' Lands-Davis likes fit at b-back
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    New in 15: Morgan prepared for the grind
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    GOL named UCF's interim AD
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    New in 15: Stewart brings impressive transcript, highlight reel
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    New in 15: Wigley vows his best