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  1. dtm1997

    ACC Tourney

    Anyone else get the email to get a crack at tickets? I'm not going to Greensboro, but wanted to make sure folks saw that show up late today with a Wednesday deadline.
  2. dtm1997

    FSU @ GT 1/30/2021

  3. dtm1997

    The 2019-2020 Senior Class and their extra year

    I've seen this mixed in to a few threads and thought it might make sense for a single spot to discuss it. Jose - Quite a few people seem to be talking about him coming back next year, but if you look at his situation, it makes no sense. I'm sure he'll have a great year, but he kind of is what...
  4. dtm1997

    Rehire Coach LaBarrie?

    The goody two shoes would whine & pout, but we should absolutely re-hire DLaB as soon as his show cause is over. If we don't, someone else will.
  5. dtm1997

    Dolla Dolla Bill, y'all

    Just curious if folks have significantly reduced their use of physical cash over the past 8-10 weeks. I'm traditionally a cash & carry person for in-person buys, typically like to have $100-$200 on hand. Granted, I've barely left my apartment the past 10 weeks, more appropriate for me than...
  6. dtm1997

    Protective Masks

    Masks are obviously challenging to find right now. Although not all of them are the top flight N95, some will still help as a protective measure. Where are you buying your masks? I bought a grey one with refills here. They also have a pretty amazing one for all of you Netflix fans...
  7. dtm1997

    2020-2021 GT Hoops Schedule

    Assuming the season happens...
  8. dtm1997

    GTSwarm Concert Tour... from your couch

    With all of sports abruptly coming to an end and social distancing becoming the thing, I thought it would be fun to start a thread of full concerts on YouTube, giving folks to go on tour. Add shows as you have them...
  9. dtm1997

    David Didenko to transfer?

    Might as well start the thread, just in case.
  10. dtm1997

    2020 ACC Tourney Thread

    Just in case anyone wants to discuss it. Rooting for Wake today, for the novelty of seeing Manning prolong his time there and their fans having mixed feelings about it.
  11. dtm1997

    Evan Cole to Transfer

  12. dtm1997

    All ACC Teams 2019-20

    Jose made 3rd team All-ACC James Banks got All-ACC Defense Moses didn't even get top 4 votes in Most Improved, which I think is bull****.
  13. dtm1997

    Game Thread - @ Clemson, 3/6/2020

    7PM tomorrow on ESPN2. We all get to watch on broadcast tomorrow!
  14. dtm1997

    Game Thread - Pitt, 3/4

    If you can get to the ****ing game and support these kids, do so. If you can watch the ****ing game on TV and support these kids, do so. At this point, there is only one option. Support these kids.
  15. dtm1997

    Game Thread - Miami, 2/29

  16. dtm1997

    STATE YOUR CASE! - Intown Neighborhood Edition

    I don't live in ATL any more, but hope to have, at minimum, a winter home down there, in retirement. A lot can change in the next 20 or so years, but STATE YOUR CASE for your intown neighborhood and what you like about it. I lived in Midtown/Atlantic Station for my 10 years in ATL...
  17. dtm1997

    Game Thread - @ Pitt, 2/8/2020

  18. dtm1997

    Game Thread - @ Louisville,1/22