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  1. DuckGT

    New Hires

    Looks like we’ve completed S&C and found Morpheus’ replacement.
  2. DuckGT

    CPJ Tweet

    Anyone know what set him off?
  3. DuckGT

    Former Players that are Coaches

    Making a list of former players that are currently coaching in college or NFL. This is what I have so far: Brent Key - Ga Tech Marco Coleman - Ga Tech Tashard Choice - Ga Tech Will Glover (Quality Control) - Ga Tech Erin Joe (GA) - Ga Tech Corey Dennis - Ohio St Eric Henderson - LA Rams George...
  4. DuckGT

    Leading Candidate for Ga Tech President How do we feel about him? Big athletics supporter right? Lol
  5. DuckGT

    Coach Cook

    Leaving to join Tucker at Colorado?
  6. DuckGT

    DC Hire

    Since we have a thread for the OC... Is CGC bringing Andrew Thacker with him or someone with GT ties?
  7. DuckGT

    Charlie Rogers Don't know you come back from that, but at least the article doesn't mention he went to GT :cool:
  8. DuckGT

    Early Signing Period Approved I am in the camp that this will help us more than hurt us. If posted elsewhere please merge.
  9. DuckGT

    Paul Davis Status

    Along with Smelter, really gonna need him next week.
  10. DuckGT

    GT - PITT Prediction Thread

    Well it's Thursday afternoon and no one has created a prediction thread yet, so I'll get the ball rolling. GT - 38 PITT - 28 Offense continues to get it done and the defense is able to force key turnovers.
  11. DuckGT

    Problem with our defense

    My pick is talent.