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  1. Gameday!!!!!!

  2. ACC suspends all athletics activities

    This is political BS. Never shuts down for flu. I am 85 and healthy. If I was diabetic, had respiratory issues or other disease resistant issues I would avoid crowds but I wouldn't expect the world to shut down. Same if it were a member of my family. Just have them take more vitamin C and D.
  3. FSU

    Insanity is correct. BTW if you cough into crook of elbow make sure it is against the skin. Bugs will live longer on your clothing.
  4. Ga Southern

    1 B in AE in first 3 years. WOW
  5. Myles Sims Committed (Michigan transfer)

    Still have my slide rule also Ice. Always thought about putting it into a shadow box and display it but never have. Math discussion reminded me of a U Pitt grad in my company at OCS. Washed out because he could not get concepts of navigation and gunnery. All of our section tried to help...
  6. Dedrick Mills

    NO NO not same. Pot affects adolescent brain development and chemical balances, even those under 25. Crisis building in the 20 to 25 year old population because of early age smoking and developmental effects. Pot today much stronger than that of 20 to 30 years ago.

    Yes! Duke clobbered them after Temple being up a couple of scores. Without a defense I don't see advantage of playing fast.. As said previously, Bama has a defense with depth.
  8. Record Attendance Spring Game

    seems like most of spring games past 5,6 years were bad weather games. But I am looking for my cell phone that I put down a couple of minutes ago
  9. ND @ Rusty C

    We were no hit for last 4 innings. McCann 0 for 5 K with bases loaded. Radcliff 0 for 4 If not for English would have been worse. ND pitching not that great.
  10. Brandon Adams Passes Away

    God's ways are not our ways and in man's ways this is not good but Psalm 116:15 tells us "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints." All said about Brandon on this forum, he had to be one of God's Saints. John 11:25-26 tells us “I am the resurrection and the life. He who...
  11. L'Ville

    Lost on unearned run. Bad day for Tech with Brandon Adams death and another loss out of the jaws of victory. Need another closer besides English. Do we not have any one that is not starting that can be a closer? For a Sunday pitcher we didn't hit the cover off the ball. don't believe...
  12. Miami

    Today will tell us a lot about team. They dug out of hole yesterday and lost a heart-breaker. Need to show that toughness today and win or at worst make Miami fight and scrap for a win. We are not clicking on all cylinders yet. Hope are all tuned soon. Miami probably not fully tuned either.
  13. Miami

    What time is first pitch today??
  14. Northwestern

    in a 1-0 game in the 8th inning, you had best have your BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYERS out in the field. My thoughts also. Pulled Gibson quicker after two batters.
  15. GT (-8.5) vs. Wake Forest

    I don't understand why he was playing with ACC about to start. We need him healthy!
  16. How 'Should' Tech Do in Recruiting Rank - Analysis

    What effect does need to take Calculus, even if watered down, have in eliminating recruits because of HS curriculum taken? Do they have to be STEM students? What are the math requirements?
  17. Surprising 92.9 the game quote

    IIRC he had clinics for foreign students, in attempt to grow interest, in the many foreign students at Tech.
  18. Potential Head Coach Hires

    IMHO Leach would not succeed here. Surprised he has done as well at WSU. But WSU not an academic powerhouse.
  19. CPJ 9AM Retirement Press Conference

    I hope we are not headed in the direction of RICE.